10 Most Beautiful Places in Tunisia

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Sep 26, 2023

With a mind-blowing HDI score of 0.731, Tunisia is the seventh most developed country in the world and the fifth most developed country on the African continent. It is said that the most properly preserved architecture of the early Islamic times is in Tunisian palaces and mosques. Overlooking the Mediterranean, Tunisia has beautifully structured towns and cities. Here are the most beautiful places in Tunisia.

1. Sfax

Built on the ruins of two East Coast Roman towns, this place was a port from which olive oil was distributed throughout the Mediterranean area and beyond. 

During the summer, it gets relatively hot and scorching, but during the winter, it is usually wet and warm. Medina, an architectural wonder, was inspired by Romans, and it is believed this place is the best preserved in the whole of Tunisia. Over centuries, both the Spanish and Dutch fought for it. 

It is greatly frequented by the French. This is evident in the boulevards throughout the area. In this city, transportation is quite affordable. The major means of transportation are taxis and buses. The hotels in the city are quite close to the architectural sites. And hotels there are built to model these historical buildings, Roman architecture. 

2. Tunis

For as long as 1159, Tunis has been the capital city of Tunisia. This city has seen so much of ancient civilizations. It is often referred to as the grand city of Tunisia. 

This place is the hub of political, economic, and social life. In Tunis, it is always busy. This is mostly due to the fact that this city has the highest population in the country. You do not have to worry about getting bored because this city is quite interesting. The nightlife of this city is top-notch. 

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3. Monastir

There is no possible way a list of the best places in Tunisia can be made without Monastir being on it. 

This is a coastal city that provides access to all the Mediterranean Sea beaches. This is possible because it lies at the tip of the peninsula that faces the sea directly. This city has one of the most enjoyable climates in the country. 

In this city is a Ribat/fortress, which dates back as far as 180CE. This city is overflowing with old mosques. Monastir is considerably developed because the first president of the country, Habib Bourguiba, was born here, so basically, he extended favors to them. 

4. Matmata

Did you know that some scenes of Star Wars were shot in Tunisia? Yes, they were, and it was right in the city of Matmata. In the past, the people of Matmata built underground houses where they lived. 

Some of these houses were built as far back as the 4th century BC. It would interest you to know that these houses go deep down into the earth, as much as 30 feet. 

The people who lived in these houses used ropes and ladders to go between rooms. It was not until 1967 that this place became a major tourist attraction. Some of these caves have been turned into restaurants, and I highly suggest you should try out some Tunisian cuisine in these aesthetically set places. 

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5. Kairouan Medina

Imagine walking into a living museum. This is the feeling being in Kairouan gives. Every year, thousands of Muslims go on a pilgrimage here to visit Zitoun el-Bourgi. 

This place is said to be one of the holiest sites of Islam. Although most visitors go to this place for the mosque, there are other things worth seeing in the city. The markets, for instance. 

Here, you stand the chance to experience what it feels like to be in a proper Islamic market. The holiest Islamic place in Africa is housed in this city. It is called Uqba ibn Nafi. On your next pilgrimage, I strongly suggest you visit these places. 

6. Tozeur Old Town

If you have ever wanted to see sand dunes, then this is the right place for you to do so. This place is so beautiful and culturally significant. 

This is usually a hub for photographers as they cannot have enough of the beauty of the place. Another amazing place to see in this city is the Lake Djerid. It stands right in the middle of the desert, and even better, there is an oasis. In Onk Jemal, the first Star Wars movie was shot. What’s more? You can visit the Tamerza Canyon. 

7. Djerba Island

As someone who loves the water so much, this is my very favorite place in Tunisia. The water on this island is the perfect shade of blue. It is known to be swarming with European visitors every year. 

The beaches are beautiful, and the food is excellent. There is an endless array of fruit and seafood here. If you are out for the good life, this place is for you. You could go scuba diving and surfing. Trust me, there is so much to do and see here. 

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8. Sousse

One of the more unique places to visit in Tunisia. This small resort city is the perfect place to be if you need an escape from the fast life. If you have a minimalist personality, then this place is for you. 

Here, you can experience wonderful Tunisia without getting exhausted from the hustle and bustle of the large cities. 

9. Hammamet

This place is also one of the waterside attractions. If you love luxury hotels, then you would not run out of options here. 

Because of the amount of activities that can fit into your itinerary, you would not get bored of simply sunbathing by the water. You can go horse riding here too. Surely, you can put this place on your must-visit list. 

10. Tamerza Old Village

Surrounded by beautiful canyons and oases, this place is aesthetically pleasurable. Although it is not one of the top tourist attractions, as many people seem to see it as a forgotten village, it is one of the most freeing places to be in. The serenity of this village does it for me. It is quite close to the Algerian border. 

Here’s one of the best places to visit in Tunisia to relax and disconnect for a while


Tunis is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries with the most beautiful places in Africa. 

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