Your First Date With the African Woman

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Mar 9, 2024

This article is a sequel to the article: How to Woo the African Woman. Here, we assume you have been able to attract an African woman and land your first date. And we will be helping you make sure that date goes very smoothly. Here is what your first date with an African woman should look like.

The don’ts on your first date

1. Don’t insist it happens in a secluded place

When an African woman agrees to go on a date with you, you have to realize that she can and might change her mind if you push too far. 

So, as much as you can, try not to push too far. 

Don’t insist that the date takes place in a secluded place. 

In fact, suggest that it takes place in an open space. If she likes you enough, she may be the one who suggests the date take place somewhere more secluded. 

2. Don’t put on African clothes

I know you mean good. But you should reconsider it if you had planned to put on African clothes. 

Though there is a chance that she may like this, it is too much to risk. A lot of things can go wrong. 

She may see you and immediately feel mocked. 

She may see you and assume that you are trying too hard to please her. 

In all, the date is sure to be a very weird one. 

I know this for a fact because I have seen it happen one too many times. 

3. Don’t take on a pseudo personality

During the date, the worst you can do is take on a pseudo-personality. Don’t pretend to love Africa too much.

Don’t pretend to be just a guy who knows the best and goes for it. 

Be the regular guy. Be someone who is real. 

Your pseudo personality, no matter how you look at it, is going to be sniffed out for sure. She is going to sniff it. 

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4. Don’t show timidity

Except you find ways to hide it underneath layers of humor, you do have to be timid around a woman you are on a date with. 

Your anxiety is going to make her anxious, too, so that she does not really enjoy the date.

You may find that she insists on going home soon. I see this a lot with men who date African women.

Don’t be too afraid that you will say something wrong. 

Say what has to be said. And say it in a way that further pulls her into your net. 

5. Don’t keep staring at the time

There is a notion that African people are not so great with time. This is not true. 

In fact, I know a number of African women who are very punctual. 

Your staring at your watch every second is sure going to make her uncomfortable. And I mean so uncomfortable she just wants to go home. 

Even if it is getting late, keep your composure and lead the date until its end. 

The Do’s

Do this when you are on a date with an African woman:

1. Dress good

Nothing extra. Sometimes, and especially when it comes to the African woman, less is more. 

Don’t do too much. Just be you. I suggest you dress to suit the space you have chosen to have the date in. 

If it is in a fancy restaurant, wear something more to the corporate side. 

The goal is to not stand out too much, so that you don’t draw attention to each other and end up being very uncomfortable. 

Also, smell nice. You don’t have a choice. You have just got to smell nice. 

2. Greet her with a smile

You should be the first one to show up for the date. You should. She does not have to come and wait for you. That will be taken wrong. 

Be there, and prepare to greet her. 

Welcome her with a bright smile. If you can, learn a word or two in her language. 

Nothing too extra. Just “Hey, beautiful, welcome.”

Have someone teach you.

I assure you that she is going to be thrown back by that gesture. A smile is going to sit pretty on her face. 

That can be the basis of your first conversation because I know for sure that she is going to ask you where you learned to say that. 

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3. Composure or nothing

You have to hold your composure. Any signs of intimidation from your end will be taken as a crack. And she is going to take advantage of that crack. 

She may not even do it consciously. But I know for a fact that things will get very weird, and there will be a lot of friction when you are not composed. 

4. Laugh hard, and make her laugh too

What is a date when you do not struggle to keep yourself from laughing too loud?

A date is supposed to be fun. Both of you are supposed to enjoy every minute there. So, make it count. 

I am not suggesting that you become a comedian. You don’t have to be that. 

You just have to open up.

Be yourself and let her be herself. 

Make jokes and use humour to your advantage. You will be surprised what humour is capable of when used right. 

You can use humor to get just about any girl!

5. Break the touch barrier

Your first date should not be the date that leads to a bed all the time. But it should be the date when you break the touch barrier. 

It shouldn’t be anything too extra. A hub. Playing with her fingers, etc. 

But be sure to have your skin on hers. 

Look into her eyes, too. She should know you have touched her. 

Her response will let you know whether she likes you or not or if things are set to progress to the next level. 

Your first date should be one you truly enjoy!

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