10 African Countries With the Most Curvy Women

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Jun 18, 2023

It is no news that Africa has some of the curviest women you will ever find. If you are seeking these women with killer curves, your first worry is going to be where to find them. If you have ever had this worry, we have made this article for you. In it, we explore the 10 African countries where you will find the most curvy women: 

1. South Africa

Our first stop is South Africa. Here, you find some of the thickest and curviest women in all of Africa. The majority of these are women of the black race. I have a hypothesis that women here are so thick as a result of innate grace. The reason why one would have to evolve big butts is not clear, though, but innate grace has to be it. 

South African women know how to flex their curves. You see it in their fashion and style: their clothes often stick pretty close to their skin so that the curviness comes out fine. It also shows in their dances. If you ever get to see a South African woman dance, you will be able to tell she is madly confident about her butt. 

2. Uganda

Uganda is the second stop on our quest to find some of the curviest women in Africa. If I am to describe these women in one word, it is definitely going to be: magnificent. 

There is a strange saying that women who are very curvy barely have the bustiness to match that curviness. Well, not women from Uganda. These women are both busty and curvy. 

Even better, they are quite tall too. Most women I have met from Uganda are what I will describe as straight from a movie. 

Ugandan women have very well-shaped butts because many of them spend some time in the gym shaping their butts.

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3. Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya, is a favored spot to find some very curvy women. I have chosen Nairobi because the women here pass the vibe check. They are mostly women in tune with modernity. You find very curvy women in clubhouses and at street parties whenever there is one. 

These women are also a unique shade of dark. I have seen a woman in Kenya who reflected the sun at me. The skin was so sheen that for a second, I wondered if I was looking at a real human being. 

You may want to drive around the campuses to see some of the prettiest and most fine women. 

4. Botswana

Botswana is not the most common of African countries, but it is heaven when you know your way around Botswana. In the capital city, you will find women who tick all your boxes when it comes to curviness. They don’t only have big butts; they also have very well-shaped butts. 

It is one thing to have a big butt. It is another to have a butt that is perfectly shaped. 

Women in Botswana have both. They also seem to have very beautiful and near-perfect waistlines. You will come to appreciate their curviness when you see them in clothes that hug at their bodies good. 

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5. Cameroon

Cameroon is a beautiful country that shares borders with Nigeria. In the capital city, Yaounde, you are sure to find women who make you want to turn around several times over. 

The Cameroonian women here possess a captivating beauty that stems from a rich blend of radiant smiles and a vibrant spirit. Their confidence, sensuality, and natural allure contribute to their reputation for being stunningly curvy.

6. Senegal

This French-speaking country with a lot of beaches is a very lovely place to be and is also one of the favored places to find Africa’s curviest women. 

These women seem very tall, much taller than their Nigerian counterparts. But it is not the height that gets to me. It is how their faces seem perfectly sculptured. 

They have near-perfect noses and similarly perfect sets of teeth. 

Back to the curves, though. The curvy women of Senegal are special as their curves are the wiggling kind. They walk past, and there is no way in the world you wouldn’t turn to stare. 

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7. Egypt

When you go up to North Africa, you just have to stop by Egypt to see what perfect curves have to look like. 

These Egyptian women wear elegance like an additional fabric. And it does suit them very well. 

Their butts are not so big compared to those women from the countries listed so far. But the butts have perfect shapes. 

You will, however, not get to see a lot of butts here, as these women are conservatives mostly. Your best stop if you want to see the most curvy women in Egypt is at one of the luxury clubs in Egypt. 

8. Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is another spot to find very curvy women in Africa. It is not the most popular of countries, but it stands out as one of the countries to have a large number of women who are shaped like models. They have the kind of arses that make you fight to keep yourself from staring back: a fight you will most likely lose. 

You find many of these women in clubs and on beaches. Just don’t be too nice when you approach them. Be kind and respectful, but not nice. 

9. Nigeria

The giant of Africa is full of women who carry giants behind their backs. You will find most of these curvy women in Southern Nigeria. A lot of them gather around for the Calabar Carnival that happens in Calabar at the end of every year. 

This carnival is the biggest street party in Africa and one of the best places to meet Nigerian women. A lot of women from other countries come around for this party. So your chances of meeting good-looking and curvy women are very high. 

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10. Ghana

Ghana, like Nigeria, seems to have a huge number of women with big butts.

They may even be thicker and curvier than women in Nigeria. Their sun-kissed radiance, vivacious charm, and captivating presence create an unparalleled allure that captivates hearts worldwide.

You will find a lot of Ghanaian women in clubhouses. I think these women are some of the most beautiful I have seen. They are worth it!


In Africa, you find some of the thickest and most attractive women in the whole world. The enchanting curviness of African women emanates from their unique fusion of exotic features, innate grace, and an alluring magnetism.

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