11 Best Things to Do in Cairo

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Apr 16, 2024

Your visit to Cairo is going to be one you truly enjoy. That is, if you know what to do and the order in which to do it whilst exploring life there. We’re here to help your Cairo visit stand out. Here are the best things to do in Cairo.

1. Learn About the City

Nothing is better than reading about Cairo history from your hotel room, in Cairo. Cairo is not just a city. It is a story. One of the oldest cities in Africa

This comes first because it is the one thing to do before you actually go out. 

Reading piques your interest, and going out has that interest satisfied. Something like eating an appetizer before the actual meal is ready. 

You can find materials about Cairo anywhere you look. Learn about the history. Learn about both historic and present influences on Cairo. 

You might even want to follow a blog about Cairo or a page on YouTube that explores Cairo. 

2. Visit the Pyramids of Giza 

The pyramids of Giza have remained a wonder of the world for such a long time. They’re huge, and they are truly a marvel. 

Most tourists who come to Egypt come to see the Pyramids of Giza. Every year, millions of people come to explore here!

You should not be left out. 

It takes between 3 to 4 hours to truly explore the beauties of this pyramid. 

Take pictures. As many as you can. 

And of course, do not forget to visit the Sphinx. This is another great spot within the pyramid every tourist seeks to see. 

The Pyramids are getting cheaper and cheaper to see. So you wouldn’t have to spend your entire budget just seeing the pyramids during your visit to Cairo. 

There’s going to be enough for you to see other spots, like the Egyptian Museum. 

3. Visit The Egyptian Museum

Think of what the Museum, which tells the story of one of the oldest cities in all of Africa is going to look like. 

It’s marvelous. It’s something that leaves you in awe. It’s a must-visit. 

The Egyptian Museum is not so far away from the Pyramids of Gaza. You can find your way down there in a cab, which should take just a few dollars. 

The Egyptian Museum can be explored in between 2 to 3 hours. 

You should try to see as much as you can and learn about the Pharaohs. 

The story of the Pharaohs is a phenomenal one. You love it even better when it’s told to you by one of the tour guides. 

4. Visit Salah El Din Citadel

Salah El Din is such a beautiful place to see, and you should try to see it before you leave Cairo. 

There is a beautiful history surrounding this city. It once used to be the seat of government in Egypt. 

This was around seven hundred years ago. Salah El Din has been a UNESCO world heritage site for quite a while. 

It’s no wonder why. 

Your visit here should last around 2 to 3 hours. 

The good thing about visiting here is that the citadel of Salah El Din is not hidden at all. You can see it from just about anywhere in Cairo city. 

Easy to locate. Easy to explore. Best thing for a tourist. 

5. See and Explore the Museum of Islamic Art

If you are one who finds religious tourism very interesting, and likes to learn about the religion and culture of people, then you will definitely love the Museum of Islamic Art. 

It is one of the only such museums in Africa, and it lives up to its name. Showing you hidden truths about Islam you don’t see a lot in the media. 

The Museum of Islamic Art can be reached from any spot in the city of Cairo by cab. 

And your visit here should last about 3 hours. If you are to take in everything and learn until there’s not much to learn anymore, you may end up spending up to 7 hours here. 

I assure you, there’ll be nothing to regret when your visit is complete. 

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6. Walk the Beautiful Al Muizz

This is the oldest street in all of Cairo. And it lives up to its name. Trust me when I say that Al Muizz is beautiful!

Though a seemingly short street, at just one kilometer long, a walk down this street on a warm Cairo evening is one of the best things to do in Cairo. 

You should take in all the aesthetic buildings and whip out your camera to take as many beautiful pictures as you can. 

There is usually a small fragment of the street where fruits and street food are sold. You should get yourself some of that street food and interact with the locals. 

Egyptian locals are very nice to even strangers. 

7. Visit Al Azhar Park

This park was made with around 30 million US Dollars!

It’s one of the sixty most beautiful public places in the world!

If you are a lover of public spaces, where you can take pictures and have a feel of the evening, then you should be at Al Azhar. 

The view from here is very mesmerizing. You barely know when you have spent hours. It’s that lovely. 

As a traveler, you most likely know that it’s the places that leave a mark on you that seem most quiet and unceremonial at first. 

The Al Azhar Park is one of those places. But it does stay with you. It does. Its gardens are so serene and heavenly. You may want to spend some time here. 

If you’ve come with a book, heck, you should pull it out and begin to read. 

I find the Al Hazar park very friendly to people who are exploring Cairo in groups. Especially groups that come for art festivals. 

I have sat with a couple of friends in Al Hazar Park to read a book. I haven’t forgotten one line of that book till date!

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8. Explore the Environs of the River Nile

It will interest you to know that the city of Cairo is sat within the River Nile, Africa’s longest River. 

You can have yourself a good exploration of the River Nile and its banks from the city of Cairo. 

You will, however, need a tour guide or someone who knows the city of Cairo well enough. 

You can do a lot of sports on the River Nile though, exploring its river life and listening to birds. 

Take some pictures—as many as you would want to. The Nile gives its visitors a lot of bragging rights. If you know what I mean. 

You may even lodge out in the Grand Nile Tower Hotel, a five star hotel in Egypt that overlooks the River Nile. 

Your mornings from your tower are surely going to be lit. And all the intercontinental dishes you will be served will have your taste buds longing for more. 

The Nile calls you. Don’t say no.  

9. Sit Within The Cave Church

Something for lovers of the Church, the cave church welcomes anyone who wants to see it. 

The Cave Church, like the name already suggests, is a church within a huge cave. 

It’s truly marveling to see, and the only thing you can or might ask will be: “How?”

How was this done?

It’s the same question you’ll ask most of the time you spend in Cairo, anyway. Cairo is a wonder. 

Walk the alleys of the Cave Church. Sit within its walls. Have fun taking pictures, and ask to be told the story of this great Church building. 

10. Eat Like an Egyptian

You’ll find a lot of good food in North Africa. Don’t hold back. Have your fill of all that Cairo offers you. 

Some of the best foods to eat in Cairo are the Spicy foods. 

When it comes to grilled meat, whether lamb or, beef or chicken, a few places come close to Cairo. 

Enter into the best restaurants on the streets of Cairo. 

The good news is: these restaurants are quite easy to find. They’re amazing spots to go on dates, too. 

So, if you have come with your lover, be sure to prepare for the best date of your trip. 

11. Go on a Road Trip

Sometimes, from traveler to traveler, one of the best things to do, especially when visiting someplace safe, is to do what you have no clue of the outcome. 

If you’re with your car, go on a road trip. Get your GPS tracker on and drive through the streets of Cairo. 

You don’t have to know where you’re headed. You just have to know that this is going to be fun. 

Cairo welcomes you. You should explore it as much as you can. Get your fill!

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