Top 10 Hottest Countries in Africa

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Sep 10, 2023

It is no secret that the Sahara, the third largest desert in the world, is in Africa. This desert passes through many countries in the continent, making some hotter than others. Here are some of the hottest countries in Africa.  

1. Mali

Recording a staggering 28.83 degrees Celsius on average yearly, this country is said to be the hottest in the world. If you are coming here, bring loads of suntan because it gets really hot. This is mainly because a huge portion of the Sahara Desert, which is the third largest in the world, covers the country. 

It is safe to say this is a desert nation. This country is known to record very minimal rainfall, making it quite drought-prone. Following hotly on this list are Senegal and Burkina Faso, which border Mali. 

These countries are also among the hottest countries on the continent. It is quite sad that Mali is not only the hottest country in Africa but also the world. Makes me really wonder how people there survive the heat.

2. Burkina Faso

Although Burkina Faso is the second hottest country in Africa, its temperature varies in different regions. 

Its standard annual temperature is 28.71 Celsius. While it is tropical in some, it is not in others. From May to October, it rains. Making the country hot and wet. 

While from November to March, the country is warm and dry. The locals think the dry season is more comfortable. The northern part of the country, which borders the Sahara, is hotter and drought-prone than the southwestern area, which receives the most rain. It is quite shocking that the country gets hotter during the rainy seasons than the dry. 

Between November and March, when it gets dry, the climate is relatively comfortable. Between March and May, a really dry, hot, and dust-laden wind blows from the Sahara. It is called the harmattan. It does not stop at Burkina Faso. It goes to countries as far as Nigeria. 

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3. Senegal

With temperatures that rise to 28.65 degrees Celsius yearly, Senegal is the third hottest country in Africa. Usually, the climate is tropical. 

Senegal boasts of having one of the most stable democracies on the continent. It has over 18 million people earning a living from agriculture, tourism, and fishing. 

This is owed to the fact that they face the Atlantic Ocean. Senegal is located just above the equator, which contributes to its intense heat. With the most rainfall recorded between June and September, the rainiest and hottest part of the country is Matam, while the coldest is Dakar, the capital. The best time to visit this country is during the dry season. 

4. Djibouti

Yearly, Djibouti has temperatures rise to 28.38 degrees Celsius, making it the fourth hottest on the African continent. Except for the mountain regions of northern Tadjourah Gulf, the climate of Djibouti is that of a semi-desert. 

All year round, this country has high climates and precipitation. The climate of this country is two distinct ones—the cold and hot seasons. 

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5. The Gambia

This West African country is known to be the smallest and most narrow in the African continent. It is found between the equator and the tropic of Cancer. 

The country derives its name from the Gambia River, which it is situated between. In a typical November, about eight hours of sunshine is expected in a day. During the day, the temperature is usually very stable. Yearly, the temperature is usually around 27.97 degrees Celsius. 

The Gambia experiences its rainy season between July and October. These spontaneous rains mostly occur during the evenings. And there, the much-needed relief from the intense heat of the day. Between the months of November and June, there is literally no rainfall in the country, so it gets pretty hot. This does not mean the Gambia should not be on your tourism destination list. 

6. Benin

Due to the equatorial climate faced all year round, the Benin Republic is hot and humid all year round. The country is bordered by Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Togo, which are quite hot countries too. Perpendicular to the coast of Guinea golf, this location shields the country from the western winds, which could have provided protection from the extreme temperatures. 

Also, a barrier known as Atakora significantly decreases the amount of rainfall the country gets. Annually, the temperature gets to thirty-one degrees Celsius. Making it one of the hottest countries in Africa. 

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7. Ghana

Ghanaians can be said to be one of the most dark-skinned sets of people around West Africa. The temperature here rises to about 27.2°C yearly. Like many hot countries in Africa, Ghana is located on the Gulf of Guinea, a few degrees shy of the north equator. 

One thing worth noting is that Ghana’s temperature is greatly affected by the West African monsoon winds. 

This heat greatly affects the health of low-income earning Ghanaians as they may not be able to afford cooling devices. One piece of information you should equip yourself with before coming here is that Ghana is one of the hottest countries in Africa. 

9. Seychelles

Like Ghana, monsoon winds winds blow through Seychelles—the southeastern and northeastern winds. The weather in the Seychelles is usually very pleasant, and the heat is something tourists really do enjoy. 

This is the perfect location for you to get that tan. In Seychelles, although the afternoons get very hot, it rains all year round. The annual temperature of the Seychelles is usually around 27.15°C.

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10. Togo

With the temperature getting to about 33°C yearly, Togo is one of the hottest countries in Africa. The temperature varies from the tropics of Togo to the Savannah. This is to say it is more hotter in the south than in the north. The harmattan winds also blow here from November to March, contributing to the heat of the country. 


Before traveling to Africa, you should know it gets really hot there sometimes. It’s best to visit during colder seasons. 

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