10 Most Developed Cities in Africa

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Jul 11, 2023

For people who have not been to or read much about Africa, what comes to mind when Africa is mentioned is majorly a ‘rural’ place set in a faraway land. But Africa is much more than that. And in this article, we take you on a trip to some of the most developed cities in Africa you most likely have not heard about. Here are 10 most developed cities in Africa.

1. Cape Town | South Africa

Cape Town ticks all the boxes that have to be ticked in order for a city to be qualified as a developed city. It sits in South Africa and is home to people of almost every race—the blacks, the Europeans, the Asians, etc. 

It is a very well-planned city with everything a city needs to thrive. Schools. Hospitals. Business complexes. A hall and a stadium. 

It also stands out as a very clean city. The buildings scattered about are well-planned. Cape Town can, in many ways, be considered Africa’s New York City. 

Some of the most beautiful buildings in all of Africa stand here.

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2. Abidjan | Ivory Coast

Compared to other cities, Abidjan does not quite ring a bell in the ears of people who know little about Africa. But to the ones who have been here before, Abidjan tells a story of beauty.

It is the capital of Ivory Coast, which is a French Speaking country in the heart of Africa. And by all standards, it qualifies as a very developed city. 

In fact, it is one of Africa’s richly economic cities alongside Lagos, Nigeria. 

Abidjan welcomes you with the sereneness of its buildings and the clean roads that wind into streets and alleys. 

In some areas, you are going to find trees used to make fences. On these tree-flanked roads, your evening walks get a new meaning. 

3. Addis Ababa | Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is the very city where the capital of the African Union stands. It is an economic hub and is home to some of the most influential people in all of Ethiopia.

Some of the tallest buildings in the whole of Africa stand here, and I have got to commend the effort put in place to make the city safe for everyone. 

It is known as the political capital of Africa because of the attention it receives from African governments.

There are also a lot of tourist attraction sites here. 

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4. Nairobi | Kenya

What comes to mind when you think about Kenya? If you are a lover of sport, most likely, it is going to be the amazing marathon runners we have seen from Kenya over the years. 

But what if I told you there was much more to Kenya than all of that? Of course, in Kenya, there is Nairobi, which is one of the most developed cities in all of Africa. 

It is so developed that the UN even has a rich presence there, running many of its operations in Africa from Nairobi. 

Nairobi is a very well-thought-out city with very amazing infrastructure that is properly maintained. With each visit, Nairobi does not fail to look new, as though the city has changed its face. 

5. Gaborone | Botswana

In the heart of Southern Africa, we find the quiet and beautiful country of Botswana. And in the heart of this country, we find one of Africa’s most developed cities. It is called Gaborone, and you may have to learn the actual pronunciation from the locals.  

Gaborone is a developed city in Africa that does not feel like Africa at all. In that, it gives you that feeling that you are somewhere far away. The peace and serenity, and quiet are just out of this world. 

I recommend a visit here in the Summer when you are less likely to be affected by the weather.

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6. Port Louis | Mauritius

Mauritius has long cemented its reputation as an African city one visits when one seeks to have the time of their life. There are beaches here that make the perfect spot to spend your honeymoon. Check out this article to find out the perfect spots for your honeymoon

Port Louis is the most beautiful city in Mauritius and definitely amongst one of the most developed cities in Africa. 

There is a steady power supply, and the housing is world standard. I like the most how the city’s drainage system is made. I will gladly visit Mauritius any time and any day.

7. Dar Es Salaam | Tanzania

This developed city stands in Tanzania and is known to be the home of peace. Dar Es Salaam translates as the home of peace. 

In many ways, Dar Es Salaam is one of the most peaceful places in Africa and one of the places you have to stop by for your visit to Tanzania to be considered complete. 

If I am to say what I love about the city, it will definitely be the buildings that line the perfect roads. Architectural planning here is definitely out of this world. 

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8. Tunis | Tunisia

This is no doubt amongst one of the cleanest cities in all of Africa, maybe just after Nigeria’s Uyo.

It is also a very well thought out and developed city, with constant power supply and access to everything you need. There are schools here, hospitals, malls, etc. 

To crown it all, it is a very safe city. So you have little to nothing to worry about when you walk through. 

9. Cairo | Egypt

Still in North Africa, Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and one of the most developed cities in all of Africa. 

It used to be home to some of the most influential ancient Egyptian leaders and lives up to its reputation. 

It is definitely the city you want to spend your holiday in. 

10. Lagos | Nigeria

Lagos is an economic hub, not only for Nigeria but for all of Africa. 

It used to be the capital of Nigeria until that changed to Abuja. Lagos has everything a city needs to have if it is to function. It is a shopping haven with strings of malls selling everything from jewelry to designer clothing.

The only downside is that it is not so safe.

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Africa is home to very developed cities.

By Ubong Jonhson

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