10 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Africa

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Sep 28, 2022

When Africa is mentioned, many are more inclined to think of safaris, walks through parks, etc. But what if I told you Africa houses some of the most romantic getaways in the world, places you can go and have your fill of both adventure and luxury? Keep reading: in this article, I take you to ten secret romantic destinations in Africa where you can go with your partner and have some of your most ‘fun’ moments ever.

Here are the most romantic destinations in Africa.

1. North Island, Seychelles

If you are looking for a place to spend a romantic weekend or even a honeymoon, North Island, Seychelles, should be around the top of your list. 

This island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, featuring a beautiful white sand beach and many relaxation spots.

Entering North Island, you will first be overwhelmed by the beautiful environs. The color of the water. The serenity. It is no wonder people describe being on North Island as being on a private beach. It does give the vibe. 

You will most likely be lodged in a hotel that offers you a view of the water and the vegetation bordering it. The breathtaking site, really. I won’t fail to mention that the hotels on North Island give one of the best hotel services ever. It just can’t go wrong.

At night, you and yours get to sit underneath beautifully lit tents and sip some cocktails while listening to calm music. During the day, a walk around the beach can prove to be the one thing your romantic relationship needs. 

Play chase with your partner and build as many sand castles as you want. 

I’ll like to add that if you are seeking to propose to your partner, North Island might just be that spot for you both. 

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2. Heritage Awali Golf and Spa Resort, Mauritius

I’ll start by mentioning that the only thing which might seem like a bit of trouble when you go here is the cost. Asides from that, nothing can go wrong. Heritage Awali Golf and Spa Resort in Mauritius is a favored romantic getaway spot for you and your partner for the weekend or honeymoon. 

Here, you get to stay in the most luxurious facilities and eat the best meals. The sight is serene, something like what being on a private beach gives. You are sure to have some of the most fun moments of your relationship just holding hands and walking the white sand beach, sipping some coconut milk from freshly cut coconuts. 

You will also get the opportunity to be involved in bonfires—we all know bonfires make an adventure twice as interesting. What’s better, you can even take part in water sports like swimming and scuba diving. 

It does not end there.  

At Heritage Awali Golf and Spa Resort, you sure will bond with your partner over in-house games and activities like playing golf and having cooking sessions. 

At the end of it all, get the best spa treatment ever. Here, it is nothing short of superb. 

3. Zanzibar, Tanzania

We all know one thing about African Islands: they are beautiful and promise to take your breath away. Zanzibar is not an exception: it is sure to make it to any list of romantic getaway destinations to visit in Africa. 

Do not worry about the weather here. It is perfect, like any summer weather there is. 

The spot we recommend you lodge with your lover at Zanzibar is Sandies Baobab Beach. It is one of the most luxurious places to stay here and one spot you can just be yourself, relax in your partner’s essence, taking a breath of nature. 

The surrounding is serene. You get to see the water from your rooms and listen as the wind whistles above the water, birds chirping. What’s more romantic than the sound of nature? 

In the evenings, you can take walks across the sandy beach, holding hands. You can also go for a short swim if you want. Lie side by side with your partner under a beautifully lit hut when the night starts to fall, and have some drinks. 

Stare into a star-lined sky and have the most beautiful conversations ever. You are in Africa. 

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4. Soussvlei Lodge, Sossusvlei

In the desert area of Namibia, you will find a perfect spot to spend the weekend or honeymoon with your lover. The Sossusvlei lodge is an award-winning hotel renowned for hospitality and luxury. It is the perfect exquisite spot to depend on the bond of just about any relationship. 

From this hotel, you get access to see the red sand dunes of Namibia, listen to nature and see the best sights the country has over you. 

Have some beer with your partner at the beer garden of this luxurious hotel, and then go for a swim at the luxurious pool. You can also play some games like tennis and polka. If you both are into playing video games, you can play as much as you want to play here. 

If you can afford a private balcony, then you can lay there and stare into the beautiful night sky, taking every ounce of nature Africa offers you. 

I won’t fail to mention that you can be served a variety of meals here—from Chinese to European meals to even African meals. I suggest you have a variety of anything you love in this romantic destination in Africa.

5. Drakensberg, South Africa

One thing that makes a romantic weekend on a honeymoon stand out is the number of memories that stick. Memories go deepest when you both do a lot of stuff together and take many pictures. 

We want you to visit Monks Cowl Golf Resort if you plan to make some of the most outstanding memories. This resort sits in all its glory about 4 hours away from Johannesburg in a valley called the Champagne valley. This resort is quite close to Champagne Sports and Rackets. 

In Monks Cowl Resort, you can lodge at the honeymoon suite. This is a suite specially made for couples hoping to deepen their relationship. The rooms are quite spacious, and the view from them is quite breathtaking.

You will surely have a nice time in the pools, especially in the evenings when soft music is seeping from speakers around. When you get out of the pool, a cocktail is just there to welcome you as you lay there with your partner and enjoy the view. 

You might also want to play some tennis, or at least some golf, and maybe even take walks around the resort.

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6. La Manga Luxury Villas, Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is one of Nigeria’s happening cities and a hotspot for couples looking to have some romantic moments. This means there are quite a number of relaxing and chill places to visit with your partner here. La Manga Luxury Villas, sitting on Ilashe Island, is our pick. It is barely 15 minutes from the popular Lagos Island.

The services are one of the best in Nigeria. Going here gives you the feeling that comes with being on a private beach. Luxurious hotel suites stand overlooking the ocean. So, you sure have the perfect view from your room. 

Outside, a walk across the beach can be everything you need. The weather in Lagos State, though a bit hot, is perfect summer weather. So, prepare to rock your summer body and bikini. Sit with your partner on some of the tables along the beach and have drinks while listening to cool Afrobeat music. 

You sure can take a swim if you want, or maybe a boat ride to Lagos Island. If an adventure is on your list, then a boat ride will prove to be what you need. 

Spend the evening at the rooftop jacuzzi, watching the sky while holding hands with your lover. It can’t get any better than this!

7. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

This is one of the best destinations in North Africa to spend your romantic weekend or honeymoon. Nothing can go wrong, literally. Sharm El Sheikh welcomes you with a breath of fresh air and a sight that sends calm right into your heart. 

Sharm El-Sheikh is famous for its red sea beaches and the cozy luxurious hotels scattered around it. A typical beach in Sharm El-Sheikh is a white sand beach bordering turquoise, calm waters. 

We suggest you lodge at the Sunrise Diamond Resorts and Cruises. This hotel offers a special offer just for lovers. (The perfect romantic weekend getaway.) they call it the romantic escape, and it is only valid for three days.

The offer includes every luxurious treat for lovers you can think of. 

The serenity from Sunrise Diamond Resorts is one to deepen bonds between you and your lover. You are surrounded by beautiful trees and can watch the water from your balcony. 

You spend evenings laying next to each other in the dull heat of a yellow setting sun, listening to the sound of water and nature. And at night, you can be at any of the lounges around, chilling to some music. 

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8. Nosy Be, Sakatia

Nosy Sakatia is one of Madagascar’s most visited places romantic destinations in Africa, and for a good reason—it is just the right place to spend your romantic weekend. It is a small island where you come face to face with the calmness of nature and its serenity. 

It is a favored place for couples to be in because, in addition to all the luxury one will be getting from the suites and lounges around, one is sure to have quite the adventure and fun. 

During the day, sitting underneath some of the huts creates quite the environment to bond and share memories over drinks and laughter. After which, you can take a walk around the coastline—there are quite a number of locals around here, so if meeting new people comes easy to both you and your partner, you might just want to blend in. 

The food is excellent, I must add. 

Swim. Take part in fishing activities. Yes, there are lemurs, and you and your partner can make friends with one. You can also see turtles and crabs bonding over the little things. Make sure to take pictures of your little paradise. 

9. La Tawala Beach Resort, Ghana

La Tawala Beach Resort makes it to this list because it is one of the best places to be in Ghana, especially if you are in for a romantic weekend or honeymoon. 

I’ll start by exploring the weather and then the environment. The truth is, the weather in Ghana is not harsh. It gives just the same feel as summer in the US. This is especially true if you visit in the dry season. The beach is a coastal beach surrounded by perfect vegetation. A walk along the shore is a must-do, then an evening spent eating Ghanaian food and sipping wine. Whatever you do, be sure that you eat the Ghana Jollof rice and have a drink of palm wine. 

Visit the bar to listen to some Afrobeat music and feel the love in the air. A couple’s paradise, this one. 

10. Masai Mara, Kenya

A perfect spot for you if you are both a lover of romance and a lover of nature. Kenya remains the wildlife heaven of Africa, and from Masai Mara, you catch a glimpse of it all. 

A visit to Masai Mara usually presents some luxury time in the best hotels. Guided tours give you a chance to watch the animals and take pictures of the beautiful environs, after which you can sit on the safari and have a nice time with your spouse while nature watches. 

Be sure to take as many pictures as you can to keep the memories alive between you both. 


Romantic getaways can be just what you and your partner need to fall in love with each other all over again. When choosing the best places to spend that romantic weekend, these ten listed spots in Africa are great for a quick, romantic getaway and should be on your mind. Go have some fun!

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