10 Must-See Places in Ghana For Outdoor Adventures

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Jun 20, 2022

While we’ve managed to keep this collection of the must-see places in Ghana for outdoor adventures to a concise 10, Ghana is a never-ending source of fascination and excitement.

Outdoor adventures are a needed recreational activity every now and then. Ghana is dotted with parks and beaches. If you love the outdoors or enjoy walking and relaxing in a beautifully tended park full of nature, this list has a few.

In Ghana, here are ten must-see places to consider for your outdoor adventures: 

1. Kwame Nkrumah National Park

The Kwame Nkrumah National park is the most renowned park in all of Ghana and the perfect place for an outdoor adventure. The park houses a Mausoleum, where the first president of Ghana and his wife were buried.

Surrounded by water, which is a symbol of life, the insides of this Mausoleum are designed with rare marbles. 

A tour around here will bring you to understand Ghana’s rich heritage and the respect shown to one of its most influential leaders. 

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2. Mole National Park

Mole Park is situated in the Northwest part of Ghana and is the largest park for wide life conservation in the country. The park houses up to 250 species of birds. 

The best time to visit this park is between January and March, which is the dry season in Ghana. 

A visit here will have you coming so close to nature and wildlife. 

You will take walks and rides and watch antelopes skitter about. You’ll also watch lions, hyenas, and leopards. 

If you are one who visits wildlife parks often, you know then that visiting parks always gives this sense of calmness—listening to the birds sing, the leaves ruffling, and nature’s sounds can be a calming drug sometimes.

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3. Busua Beach

Beach time is almost always a great time. Visit Busua Beach with your friends and family for a true Ghanaian adventure. This beach sits in the Western Region of Ghana. 

Tourists who visit Basua should know what’s coming for them: fun times around the water, sometimes seated on the beautiful sand, freshly cooked lobster. The locals in the area prepare the best kinds of lobster with spices that will have you wanting more. 

Very close to here are luxurious hotels where you can spend time alone—a perfect outdoor experience, this one. 

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4. Elmina Castle

Elmina Castle is among the absolute must-see places if you’re visiting Ghana. This castle tells a rich historical story. It used to be a trading post centuries ago. In fact, it was the first trading post built around the Gulf of Guinea. It is also the oldest standing building in the region.

The walls of this castle are white-washed and directly face the water. From here, you can hear the sounds of tides rising and falling. 

You should go here if you love to learn about the dark history of slavery in Ghana, as well as come face to face with true beauty. Be sure to laugh as much as you can, and take as many pictures as possible. 

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5. Larabanga Mosque

This should pull and sustain the interest of anyone interested in religion’s history and impact.

This religion is located around the Mole National Park, and it is the oldest park in all of Ghana. 

Every year, a large number of tourists visit here to have a feel of what religion is to the people of Ghana. 

If you have visited the Mole National Park, stop by here and have a great time.  

6. Lake Volta

No man-made lake in the world is larger than Lake Volta. I am sure this has already spiked your interest in visiting here in Ghana. 

When you visit Lake Volta, you come face to face with such a beautiful environment. It is as though you can feel nature with your hands. You can take a trip to the dam just close by as an added adventure. 

You can also do some fishing in parts of the lake where fishing is allowed. 

There are hotels around her, and anyone is welcome to lodge. 

7. Labadi Beach

Another one of Ghana’s prestigious beaches, Labadi beach, is a perfect place for an outdoor adventure. 

This beach has a vast shoreline. So, if you are in for taking walks with your partner underneath the sun, here should be your go-to beach. 

Watch the water. Let yourself be entertained by some dances and some local reggae music. 

Buy some amazing food. And lodge in some of the hotels around. 

Take lots of pictures too.

PS: one has to pay a small fee before gaining access to Labadi Beach.

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8. The Loom

This is a renowned art gallery in Ghana. If you are a lover of art, then it is a perfect place for your outdoor adventure. It is even a perfect place for a date. 

The gallery is run by Frances Ademola and is home to paintings and sculptures that will make your jaw drop. 

These paintings tell stories about Africa.

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9. Kakum National Park

This is another must-see beautiful place for an adventure into Ghana’s nature zones. Visiting Kakum National Park is the perfect outdoor spot to visit and have a great time. Here, you hear the sound of nature. Birds chirping. Animals calling. 

You can see buffalos and elephants too. 

One of the most interesting things to do here is to walk the canopy walkway. It gives you both fun and thrill. If you are scared of heights, then you will surely have fun holding your heart in your hand. It’ll scare you, but you’ll love it still. 

10. Nzulezu

The name Nzulezu can be translated to mean the “surface of water”. It is a small village on the water’s surface and a perfect place for explorative adventures.

You will reach her via a boat ride. The village announces itself with buildings suspended upon the water by sticks. It is very marveling to see and will have you pulling out your phone to take a few snaps. 

Be careful, though. The houses may be floating, or at least appear to be, but your phone will not float. 

There are a few houses and hotels here where you are welcome to spend as much time as you want.

When you visit here, be sure to swim as much as possible. Eat meals from the locals, and have many boat trips. 

It can be easy to make plans to travel to Ghana but don’t forget to embrace the experience of the classic places this country has to offer.

Photo by Etornam Ahiator on Unsplash

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