The Top 10 Safest Countries to Visit in Africa

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Aug 23, 2022

Thinking about where to head to Africa for your perfect break? A visit to Africa should make the to-do list of anyone who is quite interested in travel and adventure—worried about safety in Africa? Our run-down of the safest places to visit in Africa got all the answers you need, whether you’re looking to embark on a wildlife safari or seeking a diverse adventure.

Here is a list of the top 10 safest countries in Africa you should plan on visiting.

1. Tanzania

Tanzania is a small East African Country particular about wildlife conservation. A visit to Tanzania is a visit to wildlife reserves and the aesthetic sight of Africa’s savannah.  

It is considered quite safe to visit here because travelers, especially ones who come to see the wildlife reserves, are usually conveyed via flight or organized vehicles. 

Visitors do not usually venture into cities where crime is high.

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2. Mauritius

Mauritius is by far the safest country in Africa to visit. It is considered the safest country in Africa and the 28th safest country in the world, having a GPI (Global Peace Index) of 1.5. 

Mauritius is an Island country comprising mostly of an Indian population. 

Quite a number of travelers have described a visit to La Cuvette Beach as being one of the best experiences in Mauritius. But there is more—in Mauritius, you can take the Mauritius Wonders Tour and even swim with dolphins. 

You can even take part in boat cruises. 

3. Ghana

Following Mauritius is a small country in West Africa known as the Gold Coast. This country is Ghana, having a rich cultural heritage. 

Ghana has a Global Peace Index of 1.759, making it the 40th safest country to visit in the world and second in Africa. 

Ghana pays quite an attention to arts and culture. So, visiting Ghana will present you with opportunities to visit places like the Kwame Nkrumah National Park, where the first president of Ghana was laid to rest. 

You do have to be careful not to move about in the streets at night on your own. There have been reports of petty thievery on streets and avenues. 

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4. The Gambia

Following Ghana on the Global Peace Index Ranking is the Gambia, a small country in West Africa. It is the smallest country in West Africa, with a population of just about 1.8 Million people (Per the 2013 census). 

The Gambia is the 45th safest country in the world and the third safest country in Africa. It has a GPI of 1.792. 

Top sites in the Gambia include Abuko Nature Reserve. Bijilo National Park, and Kunta Island. 

A visit to Kunta Island gives one the true feel of what it truly means to be in Africa. You become an African for a day, lol. 

5. Botswana

The Republic of Botswana is a small country in Southern Africa, not bordered by any water bodies. (It is landlocked). 

Botswana has a Global Peace Index of 1.801, making it the 48th safest country in the world and the fourth in Africa to visit. 

Botswana has a quite rich cultural heritage, which will most definitely thrill visitors who take an interest in culture and arts. 

The popular Okavango Delta sits in Botswana, one of the most beautiful deltas in Africa. 

The Chobe International Park is also here. At this park, you get to see the great African elephants. 

In Botswana, you also get to see the Tsodildo hills, which were made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2001. 

The list goes on and on. Botswana is a perfect travel destination for anyone thrilled by Africa. 

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6. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, having Free Town as its capital, is a small country in West Africa, which has been cleared to be quite safe to visit. It has a GPI of 1.803, just a few decimal points short of Botswana. 

Sierra Leone is the 50th safest country in the world and the 5th safest in Africa.

Some of the most visited places in Sierra Leone, which you too should consider visiting, include Free Town, the country’s capital. Bunce Island. Bunce Island (this happens to be one of the most beautiful islands in Africa.)

The Topical Islands in Sierra Leone will totally make your jaws drop. 

7. Zambia

Like Botswana, Zambia is a landlocked country. It is often considered a Southern African country even though it stands between Central, Southern, and Eastern Africa. 

Top tourist attraction sites, which happen to draw thousands of visitors every year to Zambia, include Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is considered the highest Water Fall in Africa. 

The Lower Zambezi National Park is a place all wildlife enthusiasts should be. So is the Kafue National Park. 

Zambia has a Global Peace Index of 1.841, making it the 56th safest country in the world and about the 6th in Africa. 

One has to be watchful on Zambian streets, though, especially in more urban cities. 

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8. Equatorial Guinea

This small yet beautiful country in central Africa is the 59th safest country in the world and the 7th safest country to visit in Africa.

It has a population of just about 1.5 million people.

Some of the perfect places to visit in Equatorial Guinea include Malabo, a small city with one of the fascinating architecture you will ever see. 

Monte Alen National Park is also quite the perfect place to be in, especially if you are fascinated by the ecosystem. 

Equatorial Guinea may not be that safe at night, though. So, visitors do have to be vigilant. 

9. Malawi

Also officially known as the Republic of Malawi stands in Southern Africa and has acquired quite the reputation of being peaceful. 

It has a Global Peace Index score of 1.895, making it the 8th safest country to visit in Africa and the 65th country in the world. 

Some of Malawi’s best places to visit include Lilongwe, Lake Malawi National Park, and others. 

10. Namibia

This is a culturally rich country in South Africa and should be on the list of anyone who seeks to have the true experience of what visiting Africa is like. 

Namibia is the 68th safest country in the world and the 9th safest country to visit in Africa. 

Some of the most beautiful places to visit here include the Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Kulala Desert, etc. 


With stunning lakes, beaches, wildlife, and fascinating countries, Africa is a trendy destination for tourists. However, many potential travelers can have some concerns about the continent’s safety primarily due to stories of armed conflict, crimes, and kidnapping they may have read about or heard in some places.

Despite this, many parts of Africa are very much safe and friendly for visitors to explore, and you can have as much pleasure as you want. The most important thing is that you should take some precautions just as you would any other place in the world.

Precautions such as: not carrying excessive cash while you move around the city at night, being sure to move in well-lighted areas, keeping important travel documents in your hotel room or apartment, don’t walk alone at night, and staying away from too much alcohol. No matter which places you visit in Africa, all these precautions will help you have a pleasant stay.


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