12 Most Beautiful Cities in Africa

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May 19, 2023

This article seeks to bring you into the heart of Africa’s most beautiful cities, where you will get to experience the thrill of being African. Brace up, for we would be going through the quiet city of Algiers and then Cairo, where we would make stops at some of the most beautiful palaces ever. A sharp turn into Nigeria’s Lagos will bring you the thrill of street life, and of course, Johannesburg will be there to welcome us. Here are the 10 most beautiful cities in Africa.

1 Algiers | Algeria

Algiers is a pretty big city which sits in Algeria. It is the capital of this friendly, peaceful country and has a population of roughly 2,988,145 people as of 2008, when a census was conducted. 

The name “Algiers” roughly translates as “The Island.”

Algiers is something of an island city and one that welcomes everyone too. The city gets to welcome hundreds and thousands of tourists every year, most of them arriving to experience the luxury of a holiday on some of Algiers’ beaches. 

Palm Beach is one of the favored spots. So, if you ever visit Algiers, try to be at Palm Beach. It is truly breathtaking. 

2. Cairo | Egypt

Cairo holds a very rich history. It is one of the most popular African cities. One of the most beautiful too. 

The city welcomes you with a magnificent view you would never have expected to see in Africa if you hadn’t been in Africa before. 

It is so clean a city that you will almost not see one piece of trash lying carelessly on streets and alleys. 

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. The major language spoken here is Arabic. 

It is a safe city. Taking long walks along its streets is sure to keep you calm. 

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3. Tunis | Tunisia

Tunisia has a lot of beautiful cities. But I and the team have agreed that Tunis may be the most beautiful one. It is a very well-developed metropolis. You arrive at the city, and what strikes you first is how beautifully it has been planned. 

You know a planned city when you see one. 

The buildings are so strategic that you can’t help but take the sight in. 

It is also a very peaceful city with a lot of friendly locals. You may have a hidden time coping with the heat at first. But when you do find your way around it, you will come to enjoy the city. 

4. Chefchaouen | Morocco

This has been nicknamed the blue city. It is not only amongst the most beautiful cities in Africa. It is amongst the strongest. Definitely, the kind of city that makes you marvel at the uniqueness of North African architecture. 

Most of the buildings here are blue-washed. 

This is why people call it the blue pearl. Even the streets are blue. 

You should have a trip to the market, where you can interact with the friendly locals and have fun taking pictures of you and your friends. 

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5. Lagos | Nigeria

While some parts of Lagos, especially the Mainlandisn’t exactly beautiful, there are parts of Lagos that make it stand amongst the most beautiful cities in Africa. 

The second longest bridge in Africa, the 3rd mainland bridge, which has a reputation for traffic congestion, is in Lagos. 

The Lagos Island, an area of affluence, is truly beautiful. It is a very well-planned city. While the rest of Lagos is a bit rowdy and bustling, Lekki seems to be asleep. 

The nightlife here is exceptional. Clubs ring Afrobeats. Jolly people swag and dance. 

You should have some of the street foods sold on Lagos streets. They call it Buka. It has a lot of spices, and it brings you the true spirit of Nigeria. 

6. Abuja | Nigeria

Abuja is Nigeria’s capital city and also one of Africa’s incredibly beautiful cities. It overtook Lagos some years ago to be the seat of government. 

While Abuja shares many characteristics with Lagos, it is markedly different. 

First off, it is a rocky city. You will be thrilled by the geography. Zuma Rock, a tourist attraction site, stands here. Aso Rock, too. 

Abuja is very quiet. While it isn’t exactly safe all year round, it is a beautiful place for one to be in. 

I’ll give Abuja an 8/10. 

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7. Johannesburg | South Africa

Johannesburg is the capital of South Africa. The topography of the city is closer to perfect than most cities would ever come. It has a beautiful aesthetic. Johannesburg almost called me to feel like nature is biased. 

It is an “alive” city, though not as bubbling as Lagos. 

Unlike Lagos, it is very clean. You would barely find trash on the streets. However, you may find some traffic congestion here and then. 

Johannesburg looks most beautiful at night. Nighttime here is fun, I’ll tell you. Fun. 

8. Stone Town | Tanzania

Stone Town is the perfect Tanzania town. Don’t be confused by the name. Stone Town is not a rocky city. In fact, it is a beachy one!

Yes, beaches! We’re talking luxury beaches!

It is along the coastlines of Tanzania—the clear waters of the Indian Ocean border it. 

I wouldn’t recommend Stone Town to honeymooners. 

You should be around the locals and have a feel of their humor. Strange humor, I must add. More when you do get used to it, it makes you laugh well. 

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9. Bahir Dar | Ethiopia

Bahir Dar is something of a marvel. It is an omen of those cities you step into and marvel at how a place can be so beautiful. 

It is a palm-lined city and has a very rich history. 

The crowning of some Ethiopian rulers has taken place here. 

If you get the chance to visit Bahir Dar, ensure you absorb yourself in the natural wonders of Lake Tana, and catch a glimpse of the majestic Blue Nile Falls.

The city is really a charm.

10. Lamu | Kenya

I loved Lamu – it was a highlight of Kenya where to visit. It is such an adorable and atmospheric location. 

Lamu is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a pretty old city housing a number of beaches, and it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Africa, where rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning coastal landscapes converge. 

Being in Lamu is close to the very heart of Africa. You should taste some of the foods made here. Beautiful stuff!

You will get a truly unforgettable travel experience when you visit here.

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11. Marrakesh | Morocco

It isn’t possible to speak about beautiful cities in Africa without mentioning Morocco. Marrakesh is a vibrant labyrinth. The city is bustling with souks (arab markets), and the streets are full of vibrant colors.

As you walk through, you will scent the aroma of exotic spices filling the air as the rhythmic beats of street musicians echo through the narrow alleys. 

Every corner in this beautiful African city is a hidden treasure. It’s a city where history, culture, and enchantment intertwine and will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

12. Accra | Ghana

Ah, Accra. I always say that having a bad time in Accra is impossible. Not only is Accra so beautiful, but you can also almost guarantee to get fantastic street food and drinks that entice the senses.

From the lively markets of Makola to the golden sands of Labadi Beach, Accra exudes captivating energy. It’s a place where tradition meets modernity and is a tapestry of culture, warmth, and unforgettable experiences.

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Africa is filled with a number of beautiful cities that can make you catch your breath. 

By Lonely Africa Editors

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