5 Most Beautiful Regions in Ghana

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May 14, 2023

Ghana is gorgeous; you’re missing out if you haven’t explored its beautiful places. This is a list of the five best regions you just have to visit whenever you stop by Ghana. We describe these regions as being the beauty of the beautiful. You are sure to have a good time here, walking the streets, drinking wine, and eating the local food.

Here are the five best places in Ghana.

1 Ashanti

Ashanti is one of the most historically rich regions in Ghana. Here, the beautiful city, Kumasi, stands. 

Many have described Kumasi as one of the most urbanized and lively cities in all of Ghana. 

I agree. Everything you need in a city is here. Amazing art galleries. Bars and clubs. Schools, etc. 

If you are in for meeting new people in Ghana, Kumasi is the one place you can do a lot of mingling. 

The locals are incredibly nice people and will eagerly give you their time of the day if you promise to be fun. 

Some of the places you just have to visit in Kumasi are: 

Manhyia Palace, which is both a place and a museum. I have been here a couple of times. I am still fascinated by the stories about this place. 

You can also visit the Kumasi city mall, the Okomfo Sword Site, and the Armed Forces Museum. 

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2. The Brong Ahafo Region

This region sits at the heart of Ghana and welcomes you with such warmth. The region houses so many ethnic groups you will be fascinated when you find out how many.

The capital of this region is called Sunyani. You can access Accra, the Capital of Ghana, from Sunyani by road. The trip should not take so many hours. On average, you should expect to be in Accra in around 7 hours after you leave Sunyani. 

As of 2000, the population of Brong Ahafo was around 1.8 million people. 

The climate of Brong Ahafo is very favorable. Temperatures range between 23 to 35-degree Celsius. 

There is more rainfall in the South than there is in the North. The South will usually experience rainfall of around 650. Whereas the North will experience rainfall of around 450. 

Brong Ahafo has 13 districts. All 13 districts in the region receive just enough electricity. The electricity is distributed at 220 volts, which is the same as the rest of the country. 

The two major ethnic groups in Brong Ahafo are the Brongs and the Ahafos. These two are from a larger stock called the Akan Stock. 

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3. The Greater Accra Region

The Greater Accra Region is one of the first regions you will step foot into if you are flying. 

It is, of course, one of the most beautiful regions in Ghana. 

It s also the most populated area in Ghana. It houses two of the country’s most urbanized areas: Accra and Tema. 

Accra is the capital of Ghana, where you will find most of the urbanization. It is also densely populated, thanks to the migration from the suburban areas. 

Tema is another very beautiful place to be in. 

You will really love the street food there. A perfect blend of all the spices you would need. 

The nightlife is perfect too. If you are a lover of exploring the nightlife, you should definitely visit one of the clubs and have the best time of your life over Afro beats and the perfect cocktails made here. 

In Accra, you can visit the beaches of the Atlantic coast. These are sand beaches that gather a lot of tourists every year. 

I especially love the Labadi pleasure beach, which is a cool spot for honeymooners. 

If you happen to visit here, be sure to taste the food here. It is something you will always want to have some other time. 

Take some amazing pictures too. 

4. The Upper West Region

The Upper West Region makes up about 3 percent of Ghana’s total land mass. Compared to the other regions in Ghana, it is not so big. But it remains a beautiful region of Ghana. You just have to visit at some point. 

The total population of the region is around five hundred and seventy-seven thousand. 

This region is one of the regions you just have to pass by if you are going from Ghana to Burkina Faso. 

Compared to other regions, it is not so urbanized. But you will really love the view here. A few I have termed the view of African-ness. 

You will love the huts, the trees, the vegetation, etc. 

Some of the best tourist attraction sites here include the Gbelle Game Reserve, which is not so far from Tamu. 

It is the perfect place to be for bird watchers and people who are fascinated by elephants. 

I believe that sooner or later, the Upper West Region is going to grow into its potential as one of the most reformed areas in all of Ghana. 

As a heads up, when you visit here, be as friendly as possible. The locals here are very friendly and will love tourists who are friendly as well. 

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5. The Central Region

The central region is also one of the most beautiful regions in Ghana. And I believe anyone who has been in Ghana for a while should be able to tell why. 

The region used to be the center of government for the Gold Coast, or “old” Ghana. 

It stopped being the center at around 1877. 

One of the most appealing things about this region is the array of beautiful buildings, all of which hold a unique history. 

Some of the castles built by European traders in The Central Region have been listed in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. 

You will also find a lot of palm-lined beaches in the Central region. It is never a bad idea to go beach walking on warm days. 

Be sure to have the best time of your life, taking pictures and making videos with your loved ones. 

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Ghana is indeed a very beautiful place to be in. You should have an amazing time here. You’re in for a real treat if you haven’t visited any of these best places in Ghana. 

By Ubong Jonhson

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert, medical student, and writer. He writes articles which cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works of short fiction have appeared in several literary magazines including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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