Top 10 Cities with The Most Beautiful Women in Ghana

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Jul 6, 2022

The Gold Coast, Ghana, is known for its really beautiful and stunning women. While all women in Ghana are beautiful, you will find a dense population of very beautiful women in some cities. Ghana has plenty of attractive women with full-figured bodies, beautiful dark skin, and sweet smelly hair that will may you nervous.

This is why we have made this list of top 10 cities with the most beautiful women in Ghana.

1. Kumasi

Kumasi is a very urbanized city in the heart of Ghana. You will find a dense population of beautiful women here for this reason. They come from across the country to either study or become entrepreneurs. 

In Kumasi, women are quite interested in fashion and art, so you will be meeting women who do not toy with their fashion sense. They are always dressed to ‘slay’ and will have you appreciating the beauty of African women. 

Kumasi women are also fun and friendly. They show genuine interest in outdoor dates. This is no secret to Ghanaians.

2. Accra

Accra is Ghana’s capital city and no doubt one of the most developed areas in the country. 

The population of women in Accra is what anyone will describe as ‘soft.’ Soft is a slang that describes prime and proper women who have embraced modernity but not in a way that makes them less African. 

Accra women have relatively lighter skins than women from other areas of Ghana. And they happen to be very thick too. Their hips are wide, and their butts swing when they walk. 

Someone once described them as being what true feminity should look like.

Accra women pay attention to arts and culture. In Ghana, art is such an explored area. Ghanaian women take an interest in writing, making art, and dancing. They also pay a lot of attention to fashion and entertainment. 

An average Accra woman is enlightened enough to hold conversations on a variety of subjects. 

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3. Tamale

Tamale is a big city in the Northern Region of Ghana. Though not as populated as Accra and Kumasi, this city is a fast-growing city, and in a few years, it could be one of Ghana’s most beautiful cities. 

The women here are the kind to catch your breath. Like their counterparts in Kumasi and Accra, they are also big on fashion and wear the most in-vogue material. 

They are fun lovers too and will not mind getting to know you better. They are also lovers of social media hangouts. 

4. Sunyani

Sunyani is amongst the top ten metropolitan areas in Ghana and a spot to meet some of the most beautiful women in the country. The women in Sunyani pay attention to arts and crafts; this shows in how perfectly dressed they appear. They are quite educated too and know how to blend a bit of formality with fun.

5. Cape Coast

This is a small city in the central region of Ghana. The Central region is known to have very thick women, so expect to see quite thick women on your visit to the cape coast. 

The women here, in addition to being thick, pay attention to being natural and adorn themselves with beautiful jewelry. You’ll be especially fascinated by the array of hairstyles they make.

There is a particular kind called the Ghana Braids. It makes their faces more peculiar by showing the forehead and giving the chin a raised appearance. 

Cape Coast women are fun to be with, and they are very friendly, even to strangers. 

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6. Koforidua

This small city is in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The women here are a peculiar kind of beautiful, as they are relatively taller and have distinctive facial features, like dimples. The number of women with dimples in Koforidua is outstanding. They like to smile a lot and pay attention to their looks. 

In Koforidua, you’ll meet women who pay attention to arts and crafts. They are fun to be with also and do not mind a conversation with a stranger who seems nice. 

If you are interested in languages, you’ll be fascinated by their pidgin English and the heavy accent of their English. Listening to a Koforidua woman speak is blissful. 

7. Sekondi-Takoradi

This is the third most populated city in Ghana and sits in the Western Region of the country, where urbanization happens to be spreading by the day. 

The women here are what I’ll describe, in one word, as being modern. They pay attention to fashion quite a lot and take pride in putting on the most modern attires. 

They rock their native Ankara wears in style and do not joke with their hairstyles. They are also quite bright and can hold conversations on a variety of subjects. 

8. Tema

Tema is in the region of Greater Accra and so is influenced by the settlement and population in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. It is a growing modern city, and so women from the less urban parts of the country migrate down here to get better lives.

The population of beautiful women in Tema is dense, most of these women being entrepreneurs or college students. They pay much attention to how they look—Tema women are taught to smile brightly and exude a feeling of warmth that draws a person in. 

The trendiest clothes are worn here. You will be especially thrilled by the Ankara styles. 

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9. Tafo

Tafo isn’t exactly an urban city, although urbanization is spreading through the region, so the women here might not be as ‘urban’ as the ones you find in Kumasi and Accra, but they aren’t any less beautiful. A few people will argue that they are even more beautiful because of how natural they are. 

Tafo women are also very thick. A lot of them are also very tall and are sure to catch your eye. They pay attention to their hair and wear a lot of gold jewelry. 

10. Teshie

Teshie is in the region of Greater Accra and has some of the most beautiful women you will meet. 

When it comes to beauty, Teshie is blessed, and I’m not talking about the beaches and hills. I’m talking about the beautiful women that call Teshie home. 

The women here, while being thick and beautiful, are educated and quite bold. They will stun you with some amazing conversations. 

Photo by Dellon Thomas on Pexels.

By Ubong Jonhson

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert, medical student, and writer. He writes articles which cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works of short fiction have appeared in several literary magazines including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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