Top 15 Cities with The Most Beautiful Women in Nigeria

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May 12, 2022

It is true that some Nigerian cities have many more beautiful women than others. This could be due to many factors such as climate, genetic factors, affluence, population density, etc. Whatever it is, if you are looking to meet and be friends with the beautiful women of Nigeria, check out these top 15 Nigerian cities with the most beautiful women: 

1. Lekki, Lagos State

Lekki is one of those serene, calm areas in Lagos Island, which happens to be the affluence center of Lagos State. 

There is such a dense population of beautiful women here. And it is easy to guess why: the life here is, in a Nigerian’s words, ‘soft.’ Soft life means soft work, and soft work means a soft look. 

Lekki women, I am telling you, have some of the best skins you will ever see. They glow, literally. Coupled with the fact that they have a very healthy fashion sense. 

You know how Lagos is the fashion capital of Nigeria? Imagine Lekki to be the fashion capital of Lagos. 

Lekki girls are, simply put, just class. Beautiful class. 

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2. Abuja

Abuja is one of the most expensive Nigerian cities to live in. One can only expect that the people who live here have pretty deep pockets. And you know what money does. It makes people glow. 

Abuja girls are the kind of girls you can’t walk past without turning back to see what just walked past you. 

In addition to their dark, pretty skins, they are pretty tall and busty, thanks to their genetic background. Hausa and Fulani men and women are amongst the tallest sets of people in Nigeria. 

Hausa girls also have perfectly shaped noses. Their smiles are pretty unique, and they exude this sense of warmth. 

3. Uyo, Akwa-Ibom

Far from Lagos and down in the south, you will come across Uyo girls renowned for their natural endowments and sleek faces. Whilst they may not be very tall, they sure are curvy. Genetic factors again. 

And, thanks to the climate of the area, their skins are very smooth too. 

The ones who don’t bleach their skins here (there is bleaching endemic in Uyo; everyone wants to be light-skinned) exude this melanin richness that has you appreciating the beauty of Africa. 

The downside to Uyo women is that they can sometimes be very rude. 

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4. Calabar, Cross-River

Cross-River state in Nigeria shares a boundary with Akwa-Ibom state and is also dense with beautiful women. 

Like Uyo women, however taller, Calabar women are quite curvy. In fact, they take pride in their curves. In Efik culture, when a lady is about to get married, she is taken to a fattening room and fed until she grows fat and curvy. 

To Efiks, the curvier you are, the more beautiful you are considered to be.

Calabar girls are very warm and nice, too. This is because Calabar people take pride in being kind, especially to strangers.

5. Kano, Kano

Now, we move up north from Calabar to Kano, where we will see the tallest and darkest women in Nigeria. 

Kano is majorly a Muslim population, so you have to be prepared to see a lot of hijabs. 

Howbeit, these Hijabs do not hide the beautiful faces of Kano girls. 

These girls love piercings and gold jewelry, and for a good reason. The jewelry makes their smiles even brighter. 

Kano girls who aren’t Muslim will have you smitten with the beautiful long legs and large butts they carry about. 

Kano girls are also quite busty.

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6. Edo, Benin

The ancient city of Benin is home to some of Nigeria’s beautiful girls. 

The girls in Edo, just like the ones you find in Calabar and Uyo, are quite busty. But unlike these, they are a bit light-skinned. They are not very tall either. 

Edo women are very nice and welcoming women. They smile a lot and won’t have any problems with you if you try to be friends with them. 

In terms of fashion, they are pretty up to date too. Since Edo is a very artistic area, many, many Edo women tilt towards the art. Especially visual arts. 

7. Owerri, Imo

Now, we move to the east, which is predominantly populated by Igbos. 

Igbo women are tall! Also, they are light-skinned and, even more surprising; they are quite curved. 

You will find most of Owerri’s beautiful women around the tertiary institutions in Imo, such as FUTO. 

They smile a lot and do not take their appearance for granted. It is true. Igbo women are very fashionable women. 

This is partly because they are big on making money. To them, putting on expensive clothes and looking classy is a perfect way to display wealth. 

Owerri women may be mean sometimes, though. 

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8. Port-Harcourt, Rivers

So far, we have seen that the north and east have some gorgeous women in Nigeria. The southern part of Nigeria also imposes beauty, and Port Harcourt is the state that proves it.

Port-Harcourt is one of the most bustling cities in the South area of Nigeria. And consists majorly of a population of young people. The girls here are smart and are mostly entrepreneurs. 

Port-Harcourt girls, tall and very curvy, invest a lot into how they look. 

They are sure to keep to date on fashion trends. After Lekki, I will vote Port-Harcourt women as being the most fashionable in Nigeria. 

While some of them may be ‘razz,’ a lot of them are nice and friendly and will not be mean to you should you go after them. 

9. Yenogoa, Bayelsa

Bayelsa girls are the true definition of ‘black and beautiful .’The climate in the area favors their skin, so, yes, they glow. 

They are also very tall. And, yes, thick!

Only Uyo and Calabar women in Nigeria come close to being as thick as Bayelsa girls. 

They are nice, too. I am guessing this has something to do with living in an area that welcomes guests and tourists. 

The downside to Bayelsa girls is that they might not be the ones to pay attention to their fashion sense. Many Nigerian guys also describe them as boring. 

10. Asaba, Delta

Asaba is slowly becoming heaven. Thanks to the new administration, there is a lot of money around, and employment isn’t so much of an issue. 

Women from Asaba made the top 15 of the most beautiful women in Nigeria, and their gorgeous eyes and sculpted physique attract attention.

Asaba women are nice-skinned and are very warm. Warmth is something people in Asaba don’t take likely. Parents encourage their children to be warm. .

Some Asaba girls may have a bleaching problem, though, just like Uyo girls. 

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11. Kastina, Kastina

Kastina has a rich population of Fulani women. And as you may probably already know, Fulani women are tall, dark, and very beautiful. 

They take pride in their dark skins, as they believe that their skin tells the story of what it really means to be African. 

Kastina girls also love to wear jewelry, as the Hausas and Fulanis see jewelry as a symbol of wealth and growth. 

Like most Northerners, Kastina girls are friendly and welcoming. Just beware of the ones who insist that you do not have physical contact with them—as these ones could already be married. 

12. Ogun, Ogun State

Ogun state is another ‘soft’ state in Nigeria. There is money here, and even better, the education rate is very high. 

Girls here know what it means to be women, and so don’t take for granted their feminity. They carry well-made hair and make sure to dress to the fashion trends. 

They, like many Yoruba women, are also very endowed. 

If you love thick women, then you just might have to check Ogun girls out. They are nice too. Just beware of the excess love you are going to get. And, of course, the H-factor. 

13. Plateau, Jos

On this hilly terrain, you’ll find some of the most beautiful girls you will ever see in Nigeria. Jos’ girls, in two words, are the ‘perfect spec.’

They are the kind of women who will have you thanking God for eyes. Tall. Slender. Bright-smiled. They are also quite busty too. And, goodness, are they clean. 

Jos’ girls do not mess around with hygiene and, of course, fashion. 

They also answer lovely names. Jos names are just pure art. They sound like found rolled in the mouth. 

14. Markudi, Benue

Benue shares a border with Cross River State. So. Yes. You guessed right—thick women. 

Drive around Benue in the evenings to come face to face with its beautiful girls who, let’s be honest, are big on ‘chopping life.’ That is, they are big on enjoying themselves and having fun almost as much as Igbo women. 

Most Markudi women are tall. They are also dark. 

Like in Uyo, there is also a bleaching pandemic here. Makurdi women de bleach sha. 

15. Lokoja, Kogi

Kogi is one of the biggest states in Nigeria. So, yes, beautiful women’ choke’ here. I’ll describe Kogi girls as beautiful but timid. 

You almost never find them out. But when you do, you sure are going to be stunned by how fascinating their smiles are. 

You’ll also be surprised at how nice they can get, especially when you strike them as someone who is responsible and friendly.  

Bottom Line

These are the 15 states of Nigeria with the most beautiful women, but remember that beauty is the inner person. What other state would you also like to make the list of gorgeous women, dear reader?

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

By Ubong Jonhson

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert, medical student, and writer. He writes articles which cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works of short fiction have appeared in several literary magazines including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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