10 Most Beautiful Cities in North Africa

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Oct 2, 2022

North Africa boasts some of the most beautiful cities on the continent and a serene terrain that will have you appreciating the beauty of Africa. In this article, we take you to the ten most beautiful cities in North Africa, which you might just want to stop by when you next visit Africa or include in your next bucket list.

The 10 most beautiful cities in North Africa.

1. Algiers, Algeria

Algeria is the biggest country by land mass in Africa, 2.38 million square kilometers. Its capital city, Algiers, is by far one of the most beautiful cities in North Africa. It is the largest city in Algeria and comprises a serene landscape. 

The city has a beautiful network of roads, and the buildings show that it is a perfectly planned city. The drainage system is perfect, and the cost of living here isn’t so much. 

Some of the most magnificent buildings in Algiers include Casbah, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ahmed Francis Building, and the Central Post Office. 

Algiers is well secured, meaning the crime rate here is relatively low.

2. Casablanca, Morocco

To people who love to travel to Africa, the name Casablanca is a popular one, as Casablanca welcomes an astonishing number of tourists every year.

Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco and a city bubbling with life and festivity. Its climate, compared to many cities in North Africa, is fair. 

What catches the eye most about Casablanca is the city’s magnificent architectural plan. Scattered in just about any street, you walk into is a chain of beautiful buildings. 

Taking walks around Casablanca’s neighborhoods can be just the activity that brings you the thrill. 

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3. Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa and officially the northernmost. There is no north in Africa more northern than Tunisia!

Tunis, its capital city, stands up to its reputation as the most beautiful city in Tunisia. 

The beautiful city sits bordering the lake Tunis and is packed with a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The highest elevation in Tunis is 135ft. 

At night, Tunis is the most magnificent thing ever. Palm-lined alleys draw you in, giving you a view that will surely have you wanting to keep walking. 

The Medina of Tunis, a World Heritage Site, has been a tourist attraction area for a while, pulling a large number of tourists to Tunis every year. 

Tunis has a mostly Muslim population, so you are sure to find a number of magnificent Mosques around. 

4. Cairo, Egypt

If there is any North African City we recommend that you visit, Cairo is! Cairo is the capital of Egypt, one of the earliest African civilizations, and is the largest city in the modern Arab world. 

The climate is welcoming, and the landscape is nothing short of breathtaking. The pyramids of Gaza are geographically located in Cairo. A visit here is a step into the heart of African tourism. 

The longest bridge in Africa, the 6th October Bridge, stretches in Cairo.

What’s more, some of the tallest buildings in Africa stand in this city. 

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5. Marrakech, Morocco

The name Marrakech has made it into many, many songs for a reason: it is nothing short of beautiful and breathtaking. It is the capital of Morocco and has a rich heritage. 

Marrakech is amongst the most urbanized cities in the world and proves to be a well-thought-out city in North Africa. The streets and alleys form a network that sees to it that there is little to no traffic here. 

The Red City, as it is called, houses a number of tourist attraction sites such as The Madrassa, the Palm Groove, and others. 

6. Alexandria, Egypt

This city, founded by Alexander the Great around 331 B.C, is the second largest city in Egypt, followed by Cairo, and the fourth largest city in the Arab world. 

It has quite the architectural layout and is surely one of those cities whose aerial view absolutely stuns you.

This North African city is almost always bubbling with life. Even during evenings, you see residents moving about, catching a glimpse of its beauty. 

You will be exceptionally thrilled by Egyptian art, which you can find almost everywhere in the city. You will also love the fashion here. 

7. ChefChaouen, Morocco

This beautiful North African city is along the rift mountains of Morocco, often described by many as being a glorious sight. 

It is also called the blue pearl of Morocco because of its bluish appearance. Houses in the blue city have blue painted walls, and even the streets appear just as blue. 

The city is painted blue because its founders brought here the tradition of painting places blue. 

Chefchaouen also stands as one of the cleanest cities in North Africa, as its inhabitants pay quite an attention to hygiene. The chances of you walking into a dirty street here is lower than 20 percent. 

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8. Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli began somewhere around the 7th century and has come to stand among one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. It is the most urban city in Libya. 

It is an economic city, meaning there is a lot of bustling. You will love to look at Tripoli from one of its tall buildings. The landscape is everything magnificent, with well-planned roads—there seems to be a traffic problem here, due to the high population of the city. 

Some tourist attractions sites in Libya include; The Red Castle, The Karamanli House, etc. 

The crime rate in Tripoli happens to be on the high side. 

9. Oran, Algeria

After Algiers, this happens to be the most beautiful city in Algeria. It faces the Mediterranean sea and features an outstanding number of tall buildings from where you can have the perfect breathtaking view of the city. 

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10. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

This captivating African city is a coastal city and makes it to this list of the most beautiful African cities because it can be your escape from the bustling in the more populated Tunis City. 

It is something like an Arab version of Greece. 

The landscape is just outstanding, and from here, you can have your perfect honeymoon. North Africa proves to have the most beautiful cities in all of Africa.  

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