14 Most Beautiful Cities in East Africa

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Feb 18, 2023

Nothing says true love like a travel experience in some of the most beautiful cities in East Africa. And with every vacation, we’re boning up on the best places to visit in Eastern Africa. There was certainly no shortage of options to choose from to Jinja, where it’s all shades of beautiful—Nairobi, where the weather is serene, and Malindi, a place that makes you feel at home—but we’ve managed to narrow it down to the 14 cities that are most likely to sweep you off your feet. 

On shores, islands, and the mainland, you will find these 14 most beautiful cities in East Africa seated in their glory.

1. Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, one of Africa’s fastest-growing countries. 

It is what I will describe as a quiet city, and it is pretty clean too. 

Nairobi is also a perfect place to spend a vacation. The weather is serene. You will only have to deal with traffic every once in a while. (Read: Top 10 Historical Places to Visit in Africa)

2. The Stone Town

The stone town is not only beautiful: it is breathtaking and one of the destinations to go to when you want to clear your head. 

The small town sits in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and is open to anyone who is willing to visit. 

You should check out the Zanzibar beach resort soon after you have explored the stone town. 

3. Malindi

I will agree with anyone who says Malindi is the most beautiful town in East Africa. Surrounded by tropical beaches, it attracts quite a lot of tourists every year. It is a quiet town and one that makes you feel very close to home. 

I recommend Malindi if you are looking for the perfect place to do your honeymoon. 

For other places where you can do your honeymoon in Africa, you can check out this article right here.

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4. Dar Es Salam

Dar Es Salam is another one of those cities in Tanzania you just have to visit. Of course, as one who has been there before would already be able to predict, it is one of the most visited cities in Tanzania. 

The city may be more than 160 years old, but it remains one of the most beautiful cities in East Africa to this day.

Every year, hundreds and thousands of tourists troop down here. 

It is a standard city and has everything to maintain your luxurious lifestyle, from 5-star hotels to malls and even hospitals. 

5. Kigali

From Tanzania, we stop by Kigali, a large city in yet another fast-growing country—Rwanda. 

Over the years, Kigali has grown to become a metropolitan heaven. It is an economically rich city, and this shows. 

There is almost nothing to complain about with Rwanda’s Kigali. It is safe. There is power, water, and good housing. The architecture is breathtaking. It is clean. A perfect place to spend one weekend, I tell you—a perfect place. (Read: The 15 Best Places to Visit in Africa)

6. Kampala

And so we arrive at Kampala, Uganda, a city that cannot be off this list, or any other list, in fact, of the most beautiful cities in Africa.

Like Kigali, Kampala is a fast-growing city. It is a place to visit when you are trying to settle down in East Africa. I would not recommend a one-time visit here. 

7. Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s chief town and capital and, no doubt, a very beautiful city. 

It is not very calm, as it is busy, and you are to expect a lot of traffic, but it remains a city that calls you in. At least in the way that Lagos, Nigeria, calls you. 

Addis Ababa is also relatively welcoming and safe. 

There is just enough power (electricity) to keep your phones and devices fully charged at all times. You may, however, have some problems coping with the traffic. It is a lot, especially in the evenings. 

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8. Mombasa

And with this one, we return to Kenya. Mombasa is quite a large city. In fact, it is the second largest city in Kenya after Nairobi. I will argue that it is much more beautiful than Nairobi because, it being the country’s primary port, the government has been forced to beautify the city. 

There are quite a number of tourist attraction sites in Mombasa you just have to check out as well. Keep following us, as we will publish a list of tourist attraction sites to check out in East Africa soon.

9. Bujumbura

You most likely have not heard of this city before. But I tell you what: not only is it the largest city in Burundi, but also one of the largest and most beautiful cities in East Africa. 

I like the most that Bujumbura feels hidden. That makes it a perfect spot to have a holiday. Let go of all the stress and have a nice time in Bujumbura with your family one of these days. 

10. Kisumu

Kisumu is another beautiful city in Kenya you should check out. It is one of the biggest cities in the country and one of the most luxurious. 

You are sure to have a nice time touring these cities. 

Make sure to tour the streets before you leave. It is one of those experiences that makes visiting Kenya so interesting. 

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11. Mwanza

This city stands as the third largest city in East Africa. It is on the north side of Tanzania and easily accessed by road or by air. 

Here may be one of the most beautiful cities that we may have seen in East Africa—the place is colorful, for goodness’ sake!

Most of the city consists of a rich landscape featuring tall trees and vegetation. 

Mwanza is a city to visit when you have in mind to explore. 

12. Dodoma

It is beginning to seem like we have a bias for Tanzania, but that is far from it. We are only listing the beautiful cities in East Africa that have caught us off guard. 

Dodoma is one. By far the largest city in East Africa, it is a place you just have to see for yourself. 

Education is one of the focuses of this city, so if you are seeking where to school, Dodoma is your catch. 

13. Bahir Dar

This is along the outskirts of the lake, Tana. I like to describe it as another quiet East African city. And it is. You go here to catch your breath and feel the world. 

It has excellent surroundings, which include massive attractions, a couple of lakes and rivers, and palm trees with beautiful colors.

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14. Jinja

Jinga is not your regular developed town. But this does not stop it from being beautiful. It is all shades of beautiful, and you would love it here. 

One of the downsides of staying here, though, is the sun. The sun is usually quite hot in Jinja. 

Almost every city you turn to in East Africa is beautiful. 

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