10 Most Beautiful Places in Togo

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Sep 26, 2023

Sharing borders with three other countries which are Ghana, Benin, and Burkina Faso, this West African country is quite the sight. The different beautiful places in Togo have a range of varying cultures and traditions. The country is very developed, with cities that are quite urbanized, and many of the citizens of the country live in the urban areas. 

With so many natural sights to see and centuries’ worth of architecture, Togo is the place to be. Here are the most beautiful places in Togo.

1. Lomé

This city has quite a history. It is recorded that when the population was less than 2,000, it was made the capital of the country in 1897. Today, the population has risen from that little 2,000 to 837,400! Lomé houses the biggest seaport in the country, thereby being one of the busiest trade hubs. What’s more? 

There is a Trade Free Zone right in Lomé. Coffee, palm oil, and Cotton are just a few of the products exported from Lomé. With most of the trade going on in this region and its status as a capital city, it has had the advantage of being one of the places with the most infrastructural development in Togo. 

Though this place is going through trying times because of the political turmoil in the area, there is hope that it will end soon and the growth of this amazing city will kick start again. It gets quite hot here since it’s right in the Gulf of Guinea. You might have to pack the lightest fabrics you have when coming. 

2. Kara

If you wondered where the coffee, cocoa, and other products Lomé exports come from, your answer has been provided. 

This place is one city that has farmers. Luckily, they have a river, the river Kara, which is sufficient to provide water for them, which is quite rare in a country that faces massive heat. This is the third most populated city in Togo. 

In this place, there are parks, hotels, a congress hall, and even a brewery! People who have visited Kara like to agree that this city gives off chill retro vibes—that it’s like taking a step back in time. 

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3. Togoville

This little chill town is said to be the most beautiful place in Togo. And I am not even mincing words. It holds a lot of history, too, with the colonial cathedral and slave trade residues. This can be said to be a town of small beaches.

In this town are voodoo shrines. And the voodoo priests are not shy to practice their crafts. And no, contrary to what you might be thinking, they are really a peaceful lot. 

4. Aneho

Writing an article about the most beautiful places in Togo without including Aneho on the list would be so unfair. Imagine having access to so much money, unlike your counterparts. 

During the colonial era, Aneho rose above other Togolese towns because of the status of the capital city placed on it by the expatriates. On the back of slaves, their economy flourished. 

Right now, they basically enjoy past glory. The city is not as active as it used to be, making it one of the most calm places in Togo. If you love being in peaceful atmospheres, then visit Aneho. 

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5. Koutammakou

For centuries, mud towers have been argued to be a national symbol of Togo. This area even extended into the Republic of Benin. It holds so much history that UNESCO has made it one of its World Heritage sites. 

The Batammariba built these mud towers called Takeinta. There is no way to understand and properly appreciate the Togolese cultural history if you bypass Koutammakou on your next visit to Togo. 

6. Mount Agou

Although not a city of its own, this place has earned its right to be on this list due to its influence. Mount Agou is known to be the highest mountain in the country, and from its peaks, you can see into neighboring Ghana. 

Its height is around three thousand two hundred and thirty-five feet. Every year, this place brims with tourists who are very eager to climb the imposing mountain. Surrounding this mountain are villages and farmlands. On your way to this mountain, you would be sure to encounter a waterfall or two. 

7. Agbodrafo

Also known as a safe harbor, this waterside town is a largely visited seaside resort. If you have ever heard of Hotel Le Lac, a really nice hotel in Togo, that hotel is right in Agbodrafo. 

If you are interested in knowing about Togo’s history and how the slave trade era was on them, then you should visit this town. In the past, it was known to be one of the leading slave coasts. There are so many residues of the slave era in the area that UNESCO is seriously contemplating adding it to their world’s heritage list. 

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8. Kpalime

If Togo has been known for her craftsmanship, then this place definitely takes the trophy. This city is overflowing with arts and crafts to the extent that by walking the town, there would be so many artworks to feed your eyes with. 

People say that in their local markets, upon request, they could make you something while you watch. It is one of the biggest cities in the country, and it is in the Plateaux area, making it have a bearable climate. 

9. Vogan

This small, sleepy-eyed town is one of the nicest places to be in Togo. It is along the West African shore. If you have a flair for African Voodoo, then this is the place to be, as they are known to have the biggest voodoo market in the whole of Western Africa

10. Lake Togo

For no reason should you not see the largest lagoon in Togo during your visit to the country. It has a nice shallow lake you can comfortably swim in. Most of the country’s water events and sports are held here. Who knows, you could be visiting right when they are holding one. 

Togo has some of the best and most beautiful places in all of West Africa. 

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