Top 7 Friendliest Countries in Africa

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Sep 16, 2023

Africans are known to be one of the friendliest people you might ever meet. Stanley, a friend of mine, once said that when he was in Africa, he felt there was an unending connection he had with Mother Earth. 

He also said, “The few weeks I spent in Africa had been the most life-changing. Everything reminds you that in the earth lies your roots. And the people are just wonderful. In Africa, everyone is family”. 

This is true. Africans are known for their tribal bonds. These bonds make them believe everyone is a family member! Even the stranger who moved into town last week. So you never have to worry about how you would cope when you visit, trust me, you would do just fine. 

Here are the friendliest countries in Africa.

1. Morocco

Being inhabitants of one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa, Moroccans are known to be the most hospitable and friendliest to tourists. 

People who have been in Morocco before seem to have a unanimous agreement that throughout their stay in Morocco, they seemed to receive first-class treatment from the citizens. 

According to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report done in 2013, under the “Attitude of population towards foreign visitors,” Morocco ranked 1st in Africa and 3rd in the world in that chart. The next time you are planning a vacation, consider Morocco. Always keep in mind that Moroccans are one of the top friendliest people in Africa. 

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2. Nigeria

Despite the sheen of bad light the drama that constantly surrounds this country places it in, Nigerians are the friendliest people you could ever meet. 

A typical Nigerian can meet you one day and bond with you like they have known you all their lives, move on like the wind, and never even know your name. Nigeria is known to be the giant of Africa, and her people do not take this role lightly. 

Take a look at the entertainment scene, for instance. It is all about vibes, cruise, and “no Wahala”(no problem). When some people meet a Nigerian outside the shores of Nigeria, an identifying factor is usually their playfulness, friendliness, and good vibes. If you want warmth, visit Nigeria. You would have enough cheerfulness to last you the rest of the year. 

3. Tanzania

Are you familiar with the Lion King movie? Did it make your childhood memories? If yes, the country where this amazing movie was set is just the perfect place for you. 

Set in Serengeti of Tanzania, Disney was not shy when displaying the beauty and serenity of that country, which is preserved till this day. I am not sure they did it enough justice. 

You need to see it with your very eyes. Tanzanians are known for their friendliness, kindness, and respect for boundaries. It is in the nature of most Tanzanians to accept visitors with kindness, politeness, and helpfulness. These people are a really peaceful lot. 

But I must warn you, one thing you should not do is cross a Tanzanian’s boundary, which is usually based on morality and culture. Other than that, they are one of the most friendliest countries in Africa. Studying Tanzanian customs and traditions before going there is a swell idea.  

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4. Namibia

If there is one friendliest country I think of when I need a breath of fresh air, it is Namibia. Well,… not so fresh. A load of dust would be mingled with my air, but this doesn’t matter. 

This country can be said to be a big desert, but this has nothing on its beauty. Namibia is known to be sparsely populated in every sense of the word. 

From the population to the green life. Since the Namibians are not so many, they seem to have this community where everyone knows each other, and once you go there, they would want to know you, too. Trust me, a Namibian is worth knowing. Get you a Namibian in your life. They are the kindest and warmest set of people you can find.

5. Rwanda

Rwandans are known to be very unproblematic. This makes Rwanda one of the most drama-free and safest places to be in. This could be because the country is very well run. Here, it is so safe that you can sleep with both your eyes fully closed. 

If you have ever, at any point in your life, had gorilla trekking on your bucket list, the best destination to tick that off is Rwanda. Rwandans are ever ready to be your tour guides. There is usually a full argument that Rwandans could be the friendliest people in Africa. 

That is a story for another day. These kind people would be ever ready to help you. Although it is one of the most expensive destinations, it is very well arranged to receive visitors. And surely, you can feed your eyes with the beauty of this friendly country. With the beautiful landscapes and forest, you are assured of a treat.

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6. Seychelles

I had always liked to fantasize that Seychelles would be my future honeymoon destination. I mean, a man can dream. 

Located off the coast of Africa and not on the continent itself, this tropical island is heavenly. This very small island country is known to be very safe and relatively peaceful. 

Imagine yourself on some exotic beach, clad in nothing but bikinis of the finest fabric, sipping coconut milk with the wind in your hair and sun in your face. Wonderful, right? 

That is what it feels like to be in Seychelles. These people are kind and really helpful. Every year, this island country is known to draw tons of visitors to its shores. You should be there too one of these days. You deserve it. 

7. Zambia

Have you ever seen the Victoria Falls? Magnificent, right? This wonder of nature is located in other places, but Zambia is one of the most serene and peaceful countries on the African continent. 

Her people are also known to be one of the friendliest in the country. Together with the locals, you could have the chance to see the awe-inspiring bar migration of the north.


Africa is beautiful! And despite what many people may say, Africans are friendly and kind. 

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