Top 10 Cities with the Most Beautiful Women in Namibia

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Jul 11, 2023

Namibia welcomes you with some bustling, with smiles from the locals, and with a breeze that brings the scent of Africa into your nostrils. It also welcomes you with the beauty of its women, who have been described as one of the most beautiful sets of women in Africa. Looking to see more beautiful Namibian women? Here are the top 10 cities in Namibia you should look in.

1. Windhoek

This city’s name is quite a mouthful; learn its true pronunciation from the locals. A tip is: ask some beautiful woman there to pronounce it for you, and that begins an interesting conversation that could lead to something cool. 

Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia, and like most capital cities, it is quite populated. By far the most populated city in Namibia. 

This means variety. You will be meeting a variety of women here—the conservatives, the locals, everyone. 

Most of the women you will meet here are ones really interested in being ‘cool.’ Their music and fashion sense are really out of this world.

You will find a lot along the university areas. Take one clubbing, and experience how fun Namibian women can be. 

2. Usakos

This is a very small city in Namibia that I am sure you are going to love. It is warm and very beautiful and the quiet there is one you just have to find yourself in. 

The women are very friendly and beautiful and will draw your attention without even trying.

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3. Rundu

Rundu is another populous city in Namibia, and many even prefer it to Windhoek because it is relatively quieter and one has to deal with less crime. There are also very few areas to experience heavy traffic.

The women in Rundu are exceptionally fun, and I am speaking largely by experience. They are very welcoming; their smiles draw you in. But before those smiles do the drawing, their very well-sculptured bodies already do the calling. 

Their bodies are fit and very thick. The women who are a bit bigger have very large thighs and butts that sway this way and that way when they walk. 

4. Swakopmund

This is a relatively large city in Namibia, where you find a dense population of beautiful women.

That is, if you can deal with the extremes of weather. 

I like that these women are friendly. A lot friendlier than the others you find in other Namibian cities.

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5. Walvis Bay

This is the third largest city in Namibia and a place I can assure you that you will love. It is a port town, and so you will find a lot of visitors here, many of whom are in search of Namibia’s beautiful women.

The women know this and so make themselves available. 

Many women in Namibia who plan to migrate come around here often to learn about European culture. This means you will get to see very interesting and warm people who are also very intelligent and know how to sustain conversations. 

I have also to commend their skins. These women have such sheen skins that even throw back the sun’s light. 

Walvis Bay is home to very beautiful flamingos. So, if you are looking to sight birds, you can visit one of the beaches.

6. Karibib

This is a more suburban area in Namibia, but a place I like to be whenever I visit the country. I like the warmth of the locals, who immediately take you as their own and begin to show you a lot of niceness.

The women of Karibib are one of the nicest women I have ever met. 

They know just how to be women and take pride in being the ‘traditional’ women African women are known to be. 

They put on the best jewelry and rock the best styles, braiding their hair into beautiful cornrows that make their foreheads look more prominent and beautiful. 

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7. Mariental

This city stands in the South Central area of Namibia and is one of those cities that draw you in without you even knowing. 

The city has a small population of around 10,000 people. You may have some issues with the heat here, as the region of Mariental and many other regions in the Southern area of the country Namibia are very hot. 

But if you can deal with the heat, you are going to have a great stay and find very beautiful women. 

The women seem to be very conservative, too. Opening up only when they feel safe. 

8. Oshakati

One can easily access South Africa by road from this beautiful city, which does share a lot of similarities with South Africa in terms of topography and people. 

Very weirdly, the people of Oshakati look so much like people from South Africa. The resemblance is so uncanny that if you do not look twice, you may not be able to tell the difference. 

The women here are as thick as the women in South Africa and have very similar facial contours, with pronounced foreheads and a relatively pointed nose. 

They are also really nice but will almost always come off as mean at first. Don’t let that scare you. Keep your cool, and they will open up little by little.

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9. Gobabis

This is the 11th largest city in Namibia and a place you just have to be in if you are seeking a break from the bustle one finds in the larger cities. 

Gobabis has some of the most beautiful women in Namibia. And these women are more drawn to the arts. They often turn out to be very good writers or good visual artistes. 

They also have very warm charisma that is going to draw you in. 

10. Warmbad

A visit here is one you need to plan for, not just because you will find a lot of beautiful women in the city. But also because you will have a lot of fun in the evenings, listening to cool music and having cocktails.


Namibia has a lot of beautiful women.

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