10 Cities With The Most Beautiful Women in Zambia

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Feb 4, 2023

What enters your mind when you think about Zambia? Of course, a number of tourist sites to spend the holidays. But have you ever thought about its women? If you have been to Zambia before, you know how beautiful these women are. Know where to find them? Follow us as we explore these top 10 cities with the most beautiful women in Zambia. 

1. Lusaka

Lusaka is currently the most populous city in Zambia. And just as it is with most populous cities, Lusaka is a mix of every tribe in Zambia. It is one of my most favored spots to find beautiful women. 

You find a variety of women who tick your boxes in both intellectuality and style. 

Lusaka is modern. So, of course, expect only the best-dressed women and women who had the best formal education. 

There is a dense population of the most beautiful of the beauties around the campuses. 

They often spend evenings chilling and having fun in some of Zambia’s popular clubs and bars. 

Want to talk to one? It is easy. Get her a drink, spread a smile, and compliment her. Then ask a question. Zambian women like to answer questions. 

2. Kitwe

I first heard about Kitwe in a book. Ironically, this book seemed to praise its women. 

I wasn’t really drawn into it, as I thought it was just the normal thing to find in literature. But I visited Kitwe, and my mind just changed.

Kitwe is a beautiful city, and, of course, its women are everything beautiful. 

I like how they are a perfect blend of all kinds of beauty. 

Since it is a beautiful city with a number of different tribes here, you will see a variety of women from everywhere. 

These women are a lot like women in Lusaka. They have the same fashion style and are not conservative. They are modern women. But pan-African still. 

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3. Livingstone

Livingstone is a very fast-growing city in the Southern province of Zambia. 

I like how calm this city is. Not calm in a way that it is empty or anything. But calm in a way that shows how much these guys like to be on their own. They do not bug anyone and are welcome to people who seek their help. 

The women are no different in addition to being very beautiful. These women are some of the nicest women you will meet in Zambia. 

I especially like the tone of their skin and how high their noses are. My friend nicknames them “Women whose noses are not African.” 

4. Kasama

We are at the North now. Catch a feel of the air, watch the bustling streets, the buses fleeting past, the men calling to buyers, the women showing off their farm produce. 

Now, take a look at every woman you see. 

Kasama’s women are beautiful. Bold and beautiful. Dark women whose skins glisten in the sun. 

They seem to be lovers of jewelry. You will hardly find a woman from Kasama whose jewelry isn’t one to adore. 

Feel free to speak to anyone you like. You are fine as long as you don’t approach her in a way that creeps her out. 

5. Chingola

Chingola is another Zambian city to look at if you are seeking its beautiful women. 

Chingola lies in the Copperbelt province, a very industrial city. As such, there are a lot of opportunities here that pull women from across the country. 

Women here, mostly, are modern. Still, they carry the true fragrance of Africa. 

They like to braid their hair in cornrows which makes their foreheads look bigger. The richness of their smile is something you have just got to see for yourself. 

Chingola women also like to have a lot of fun, so you can catch a few at clubhouses and bars. 

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6. Kabwe

Leaving the Copperbelt province, we go to Zambia’s central province, arriving at Kabwe, a place I love so much. It is amongst the most populous cities in Zambia, and for a good reason. 

Most of what you need in Zambia is here. In fact, the government of Kabwe gives special attention to education. 

So, the women here are quite educated. The kind of woman to date if you want to have those pretty deep conversations. 

7. Ndola

We return to the Copperbelt, this time stopping by a city called Ndola. 

Ndola is a beautiful city, but it is its women that catch the eye. These women are dark, not so tall, but very curvy. Their hips are thick and sway this way and that when they walk. 

Ndola women are also very modern and, as such, are not the ones to annoy you by being too conservative. 

They are open to meeting anyone who appeals to them. 

I’ll give you a secret; when you meet a woman from Ndola, compliment her hair. 

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8. Chipata

Chipata is in Eastern Zambia. It is amongst the most urban cities in the country and also one of the most populous. 

Of course, Chipata is one of the favored spots to find beautiful women in Zambia. 

The women here are the ones who will make you change your mind about African women. These women are smart! Heck, they are. They are just incredibly smart, and you will love them. 

They also look very good. 

9. Mufulira

This is another city in the Copperbelt area of Zambia. It is indeed beautiful, and so are its women. 

I like how gentle yet bold these women are. I have met a few, and all of them seemed to strike me as bold and gentle. 

They have a very nice fashion sense and make it look like dressing so well is nothing. That is, they rock their style without much effort. 

10. Choma

Choma is a suburban area but one of the best places to find beautiful women in Zambia. 

I like how the area is so peaceful and quiet, just like its women. 

The beautiful women of Choma, Zambia, pride themselves on presenting their looks in the most attractive way—quality over quantity. The women are worth seeing; they are effortlessly modern and interesting.

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Zambian women are so beautiful it almost feels wrong. If you’re looking to find some of Zambian’s most beautiful women, then make sure you pop into one of these cities.

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