10 Cities with the Most Beautiful Women in Ethiopia

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Apr 30, 2023

There are a lot of beautiful women in Ethiopia, and you can find them in the places listed here. If you have been to Ethiopia before, you will agree with me on one thing: it is a city you want to visit again and again.

Most of the most amazing reggae music from Africa comes from here. The art, too, is wearing the faces of pretty women and their hips that sway. Let’s again visit Ethiopia and tour the 10 cities there with the most beautiful women:

1 Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s capital and the capital of ECOWAS. It is one of the most urbanized cities in West Africa, evening with life, especially during nighttime, when the young population troop to bars and clubs to “enjoy life.”

Addis Ababa has a very dense population of beautiful women. Being the capital city, one where everyone seeks to migrate to, you will find stunning women of virtually every Ethiopian tribe here. 

They rock their dark skins with such elegance that pulls you in. Most of them are urban. Of course, they have to be. 

A bulk of the young population in Addis Ababa keeps up with trends in fashion and music. 

They have found a way to blend their culture into modern fashion. It’s not uncommon to see an Ethiopian woman dressed in an Ankara suit. 

Yes, they make suits with wrappers. And boy, do they look good!

2. Dire Dawa

Dire Dawa is Ethiopia’s second-largest city. It has a city planning similar to that of Addis Ababa and has, over the years, pulled in a lot of visitors seeking better lives. 

I’ll fill you in on a secret: most of the beautiful women in this area can be found around the central University. 

Yes, they are mostly college women, so you can be sure that there wouldn’t be any weirdness when you speak to them. Just look neat. Wear a great haircut. And to score more points, learn a few phrases in the local dialect. 

I must add that the women here have great taste in music

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3. Adaama

This city has also been called Nazreth. It’s another very large city; you just have to stop by in. 

Adaama is a beautiful place to be on cold evenings, especially if you stay within rural areas, where some people still sit with each other and have wine under the moonlight. 

There are a lot of beautiful women. The climate makes it such that they are dark and tall and have very fatty butts. Of course, there is the beauty of their gait. One of my travel buddies says Adaama women walk like models. 

I saw they don’t just walk like models. They look like models too. 

Have fun on your first date with the local who likes your smile. I’m giving you the charm! Smile!

4. Jimma

This city stands in the Oromoa region, very beautiful Though there are a number of urbanized areas here, it is majorly a semi-urbanized city. 

Jimma has a dense population of tall and very elegant women. The word elegant works better than beautiful to describe them because, in addition to just looking good, they are full of positive charisma. 

Most of the ones I have seen have large foreheads that look even better when they have their hair braided into cornrows. 

You can approach any, as long as you smell nice and have a bright smile on. I’ll give you a small dating tip: the best place to take a woman from Jimma is an evening bar, where you both can sit to have drinks and talk over the loudness. 

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5. Bahir Dar

If you love cities simmering with the beauty of nature, then I know you’ll like Bahir Dar. The city sits at around 1 800 meters and is the source of the Blue Nile. 

The women who live here seem to have larger butts. My theory is that it has some evolutionary roots. Considering that they live in an area where they might have to climb, they grow rounder butts and bigger thighs. 

But there is more to these women than their butts and thighs. I find their smiles very attractive. And how warmly they welcome people they consider nice. 

Thrill them with a visit to the waterfalls. 

6. Hawasa

Hawasa is another large Ethiopian city whose women you will most definitely love. 

The women here are more drawn to loving art. They have beautiful accents too. Everyone who has heard them speak says the same thing: the accent is beautiful. 

The catch, though, is that a lot of women here are very, well, religious, so you might have to keep your distance. 

Usually, you will be able to tell which of the women are religious and which ones are not. Treat the ones you like to a nice evening of wine and beautiful conversations. 

7. Bishoftu (Debre Zeyit)

This city has been nicknamed, rather strangely, for people who don’t know the back story, as the veterinary capital of Ethiopia. 

The back story is that a lot of vaccines are produced here. 

Their women are a breath of fresh air, literally. So much beauty and poise. So much elegance. You do have to be in this city at least once. 

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8. Mek’ele

If we move North to the region of Tigray, we find Mek’ele sitting very pretty. 

Within this city, we find some of Ethiopian most stunning women who have evolved to merge their roots with modernity. Trust me; this isn’t easy to pull off. 

They manage to be modern women and traditional ones at the same time. 

9. Gondar

This is the historical capital of Ethiopia. Of course, many of the women you will find here are well-versed in history, and knowing their roots is just good. 

Meaning you score more points if you know a lot of history. 

Many beautiful women in Ethiopia are born in Gondar and are young and smart.

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10. Asosa

This is the smallest city on this list. It makes it to this list because, of course, you find a very large number of beautiful women here. 

The women are very warm and welcoming. We recommend a little chat with them before you leave. 

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