10 Places with the Most Beautiful Women in Benin

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Mar 22, 2023

Benin is a relatively small, French-speaking country in West Africa with many stunning women. It shares a border with Nigeria and is famous for its business hub in Cotonou. Our article today takes you on a trip to Cotonou. We explore city by city, seeking out the most beautiful women in the country.

Here are the 10 best places with beautiful women in Benin.

1. Cotonou

Our first stop is Cotonou, a large and bustling city quite famous in all of West Africa. Cotonou has a population of around six hundred thousand people. Among these many people are some of the most beautiful women you will find in Benin. 

For some reason, women here resemble women from the Southern parts of Nigeria. 

Since the city is a very industrial one, it is quite urbanized. This means that the women here are modern. They are up to date with the latest fashion trends and have a special love for good music. 

Benin music is a special blend of Afrobeats and Makossa. You will enjoy the richness of this music in clubhouses, and many of the women will be happy to go with you. 

Wear a smile and ask nicely—they’re nice to strangers, especially if you can make them feel safe. 

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2. Bohicon

I will say just six words: “You are going to love Bohicon.”

Really, you are going to. It is a beautiful city and has a rich population of beautiful women who will be more than willing to offer you their time. 

The women like to take a stroll through the bustling Dantokpa Market, known for its colorful textiles and spices. You’re sure to find many pretty women in Bohicon along this route.

You could also explore the fascinating Ethnographic Museum to learn about the local culture and traditions. The women like it, and it fascinates them if they find a stranger familiar with their culture.

3. Porto Novo

Porto Novo translates to “New Port .” It is the second largest city in Benin and the capital of the small country. The Yorubas of Nigeria and, of course, Benin, know this city by the name: Ajashe.

Port Novo is known as the New Port for a reason. It is one of the most beautiful urban cities in Benin. It always looks new to me whenever I visit. 

Its women are very friendly. They’re also very beautiful, with wide hips and large butts. If you love big women, then you will surely love the women you find here. 

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4. N’Dali

N’Dali is not one of the ‘big’ cities, but it is definitely one of the cities I recommend to people seeking to see beautiful women. It is a charming town with several charming women.

Not just beautiful women this time; women whose company you will definitely enjoy. 

To impress one of its many stunning women, take one of them on a hike to the nearby Tata Somba, traditional mud houses built on hillsides. 

The women also like to picnic by the picturesque Pendjari River or visit the nearby Pendjari National Park for a wildlife safari adventure. If you’re interested in wildlife and like adventure, you will definitely win their heart.

5. Abomey

Abomey has a population of roughly one hundred and seventeen thousand people. It is the fourth largest city in Benin and a place we must stop by in our search for the most beautiful women in Benin.

Abomey is a rich city. It is alive, and its women catch the life of it. They are the true meaning of fun. 

Meeting a woman here is fairly easy because they will be open to talking to you as long as you don’t disrespect them. Courtesy is a big thing here, as these women are a bit traditional. Be courteous, and speak to them with respect alone. 

Suggest a nice sit-out where you both can sit over drinks and talk about history. 

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6. Ouida

I am guessing you have heard of Ouida before. It is a very common city, and even around West Africa, this city is known for its beautiful women. I have heard someone say: “I will visit Ouida and get myself a wife when I want to get married.”

What can make a man wish for something like this if not the sheer beauty of these women? 

They are bold and very beautiful. Do you know what is most fun, though? Of course, the fact that they know it—and so they wear their beauty like the badge of honor that it is. 

At first, you may be tempted to think they are mean. But they only put up a front when you talk to them the first time. Trust me; they are not. 

Benita, a woman who lives in Ouida, tells me, “I think we all just put up that front because we don’t want to be bugged much.” 

7. Kandi

As the name suggests, Kandi is a candy-like town. Every minute you spend here, you are going to enjoy. 

I would not say it is a very urbanized city. I don’t think it has quite gotten there yet. It is a semi-urban city, with some small areas where there still remain rural settlements. 

Kandi women are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and I am not bluffing. They look stunning! They will almost always be found rocking their beautiful hair and jewelry. 

If you want to see a woman from Kandi in her most beautiful moments, stop by one of the village ceremonies. 

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8. Lokossa

While writing this, I couldn’t help but notice that the name of this city sounds like a pun. As if it means to say: “Look closer.” This made me giggle and, eventually, laugh. The women of the city live up to its name. (What I mean to say is that they live up to the name “Look closer”)

It is impossible to walk past the women of Lokossa without turning to have another look. They look good! Extremely good at that! 

Add to that; they are very nice too. I think it is their niceness that draws me in the most. 

9. Djougou

The first time I heard about this city, I had a bit of an issue pronouncing it. I eventually got used to it anyway. It is a very beautiful city—but it can be more. I believe that in time it will be. 

Its women are very beautiful. And I mean beautiful enough to draw your attention even when you don’t want to give it. 

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10. Sam

The name of this town sounds unconventional. The city itself looks unconventional, and its women too. 

They are between being urban and being, well, very traditional. But these Benin women are very beautiful. 

I have heard that many of them are religious fanatics. I don’t know how true this is, but I just thought to let you know.

The women of Benin are beautiful on every account.

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