10 Cities With the Most Beautiful Women in Egypt

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Feb 18, 2023

The land of the Pharaohs is also the land of some of the most beautiful women you will find in Africa. The cities in Egypt are adorned with a bounty of very beautiful women. There is one catch, though: these women are quite conservative. Fine with that? Then be sure to check out these 10 cities with the most beautiful cities in Egypt.

1. Cairo

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and no doubt the most beautiful city in the Country. It also houses some of the most beautiful women in North Africa. 

For some reason, these women are significantly taller than other African women. They are also very light-skinned as a result of genetic predisposition and climate. 

The women in Cairo are also very engaging and know quite a lot about their history. 

2. Alexandria

Alexandria is another Egyptian city to find beautiful women who will no doubt tick your boxes.

If you are looking for conservative yet very hot women, then you should stop by Alexandria. 

I find that these women are quite warm and welcoming. They also pay a lot of attention to their fashion and jewelry. 

One of my friends has described Alexandrian women as being classists because of their love for jewelry. I do not agree with him. These women are not classists at all—if anything, they are humble. 

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3. Giza

Certainly, you have heard of Giza before, at least from the infamous pyramids of Giza. It is a beautiful city and one of the many cities to find the most beautiful women in Egypt. 

The women in Giza, like the ones in Cairo, are also quite tall, and there seems to be a dense population of the colored races here. 

Giza women, however, are quite interesting. I have had conversations with some, and they all seem very versed in history and art. 

Egyptian women, generally, are drawn to music probably because they have a rich history. 

At first glance, women in Giza may seem classist to you. But I assure you, they are not. They are, in fact, very warm and welcoming women. 

4. Edfu

Edfu is another big and beautiful Egyptian city with a population almost as high as the capital city. And as we have seen with large cities this populated, there is always a dense population of beautiful women. 

The beautiful women of Edfu are quite thick. Some of the thickest you will find in all of Egypt. 

They are also quite conservative; this is because Edfu culture focuses on the principles of Islam, and the women take pride in it. 

If you want to get an Edfu woman, the best you can do is approach her in a way that does not raise her defenses and then get on to saying what you want to say. 

I assure you, they are quite fun when you get to know them. (Read: 10 Cities With The Most Beautiful Women in Mozambique)

5. Hurghada

Hurghada is a beautiful Egyptian city as well. It also has a very dense population of beautiful women in Egypt, most of whom seem nicer than their Edfu counterparts. 

Hurghada is quite conservative, but not in a way that will make relating with women difficult. 

You can relate with any woman you want to relate with as long as you don’t cross the lines. 

I’ll tell you a secret for free: ask these women out for a date in a place where they can walk and explore. They will almost always come around. They love to explore. 

6. Luxor

Luxor is no doubt a city you will love. I am saying so because even the breeze there is welcoming. The weather may be harsh sometimes, but it is nothing you cannot handle. 

Women in Luxor are so beautiful you would almost always turn your face for another look when they walk past you. 

They are bold and elegant and are no doubt very confident. 

The confidence of Egyptian women is something that may make you feel weird at first, especially if you are used to the traditional roles applied in the traditional dating scene. 

You will come around. 

In time, you will learn how that same confidence helped the wives of Pharaohs build legacies alongside their men. You will also learn to be just as confident as well. 

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7. Sharm El-Sheikh

This is another conservative city. Heads up: you should be careful around women who have their whole bodies covered. Chances are, they are engaged and are only waiting for the right time to get married. 

You should only go after women who are not putting on full hijabs. These will be more welcoming to you and will not make discussions seem so weird. 

If a Sharm El-Sheikh woman likes you, trust me, you will never doubt it. These women are givers. And I mean it in every sense of the word. 

They give so much to the people they love. 

8. Thebes

You must have heard about Thebes somewhere if you are a lover of Egyptian history and culture. You must have also heard about the wife of the Pharaoh who lived here.

You find some of Egypt’s most beautiful women at Thebes. 

I believe these women are so tall because of the landscape. They are also quite light-skinned. However, you will most likely see ones that are dark-skinned every once in a while. 

You captivate a Thebe woman by dressing nicely. First impression really matters to most of them, and if you fail to tick her boxes at first, then you will fail to get her. (Read: 10 Cities With The Most Beautiful Women in Zambia)

9. Memphis

Memphis is another city to visit in search of beautiful women in Egypt. I like that these women are quite homely. 

They also love to give whatever they have. Of course, giving is a favored act in Islam, which is the predominant religion in Egypt. The one who gives, it is believed, is honorable. 

10. Aswan

After Memphis, take a trip to Aswan and be marveled at women who are built differently, literally! They tick all my boxes, and I am certain they will tick yours. 

The women here are modern and classy. Aswan is arguably one of the cities with the most aesthetically beautiful women in Egypt.

Egyptian women are every shade of beautiful!  

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