10 Places With the Most Beautiful Women in Botswana

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Mar 21, 2023

Botswana is a small and very beautiful country in Southern Africa. It is one of the few landlocked countries in the region but still draws the attention of thousands of tourists every year. It has three major ethnic groups, and amongst these groups is a dense population of very beautiful women. In this article, we explore the 10 cities with the most beautiful women in Botswana.

1. Gaborone

This is the biggest and most populated city in Botswana. The population of women here was around one hundred and eighteen thousand (118,000) in 2011, meaning there were more men in this city than there are women.

It is estimated that women also outnumber men here even now. 

Since Gaborone is very urbanized, at least compared to its adjoining regions, you can expect to see all classes of women from all around the country. 

In the university, the area is where you would find some of the best beautiful women. They, like most women in Southern Africa, have distinctive facial features: a semi-flat nose and full eyebrows. They also have very beautiful smiles. 

Gaborone women are also very tall. Most of them have wide hips that sway when they walk. They seem to have a special interest in film, music, and history. They take crafts seriously too. 

If you are seeking to go out with a woman from Gaborone, be sure to engage her in some discourse about her rich cultural heritage. Don’t brag. That is such a red flag for most of them. 

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2. Mochudi

You should not leave Botswana without stepping foot in Mochudi, even if you are going to be staying there for only a couple of hours. Mochudi is beautiful—and I mean beautiful in every sense of the word. 

It may not be so urbanized yet. But I can tell it is getting there. Lots of locals seem to be moving in. They, too, can tell Mochudi will be an amazing place to live in soon enough.

The women in Mochudi are some of the most beautiful women in Botswana I have set my eyes on. You will agree on the same if you ever see one. Hard to describe them, really—but just imagine the perfect smile you have ever seen. 

3. Serowe

Serowe is another large urban village in Botswana. It sits in the Central District, one of the majorly developed areas of Botswana. The female population here also outnumbers the male population. 

In 2011, the difference between the male and female populations was around two thousand.  

I have been here before and love how quiet the city really is.

Sorewe women are amongst the friendliest people I have met in my life. Most of them are raised in homes where female children are given a lot of attention and love. 

This makes them embrace the trueness of their feminity. A true Serowe woman will not be found without a smile on her face. They are also really nice to strangers. 

You are good as long as you do not creep them out. They are likely to accept to go out with you if you are great at keeping up conversations. 

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4. Palapye

Palapye is another town I recommend to anyone who is trying to see the beautiful women of Botswana. It is a somewhat large city. In 2011, it had a total population of around forty-one thousand. 

The women here are so beautiful, just like the landscape. They may not be so tall, but they have the hips to compensate. They love to wear jewelry and often braid their hair in cornrows. 

5. Maun

We move from the central region, headed for the far north. Here, we find a large city bustling with life. It is called Maun and has a population of around sixty-five thousand, per the 2011 census. 

The women are dark, tall, and for some reason, have more pointed noses. 

The first woman I met in Maun looked as though she had walked right out of a movie. 

I just couldn’t help staring at her. I would not say every woman in Maun is like her, but she was very open to my advances and welcomed me nicely. 

Maun women are particular about education. Families here groom their young girls to be strong and very influential women in society. 

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6. Lobatse

Lobatse is another place to find very beautiful women. It is a small city, and it won’t be hard for you to figure it out at all.

The women here, for some reason, look just like women in Maun. Getting any one of the beautiful girls to go out with you is a positive, but now you better be a nice gentleman.

The women here like to enjoy a sunny day is a good idea to stroll around or check out the surrounding places to take advantage of the outdoors together.

7. Molepolole

If anything, you might have some difficulty pronouncing the name of this city, but no worries, you will get used to it—just as you will get used to seeing beautiful women every day. Molepolole is the second most populous city in Botswana.

You might have already guessed that there are more women here than men. You are correct. They are. And these women are what I like to describe as “soft’. They are the perfect blend of urban and traditional and give special attention to creativity. They seem to be in love with creating. 

8. Kanye

On a trip to Kanye, we leave the north, traveling miles into the Southern district. Kanye is a nice and beautiful village that stands between urbanized and semi-urbanized. I can tell that in a couple of years, it is going to be a fully organized city.

Its women are one word: beautiful.

I once heard someone say that the women in Kanye are the most beautiful in Botswana. This may be true. I mean, it is likely. The women are beautiful in every possible way.

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9. Moshupa

Moshupa sits in the Southern District. It is a very beautiful village and has just as beautiful women. The women in Moshupa are tall and have very thick calves. I find their calves very attractive and think it has something to do with their genetic predispositions. 

You will get along well with a woman from Moshupa if you know the history. 

10. Ghanzi

Ghanzi is a rather small city with only about sixteen thousand people. Still, there is a dense population of beautiful women here. 

The women are nice and friendly and seem to give quite an attention to their fashion. They look good, and they dress well!

African women like to wear their elegance like expensive fabric. Women from Botswana are not left out. 

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