10 Cities with Beautiful Women in Angola

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Mar 21, 2023

Angola cannot be left out of our tour across African cities in search of beautiful women. In this article, we visit the heart of Angola, and even the many other smaller towns and cities, showing you just where to find the most beautiful women in Angola.

Here are the top 10 cities with some of the most beautiful women in Angola.

1. Bibala

I will begin with Bibala because it is one of the first Angolan cities I visited. It is a small city in the Nambe province, with a population of around five thousand people. Not the most beautiful of cities, you should know. 

But its women make staying here in this town worthwhile. They are so beautiful you might be tempted to think there is a movie shoot in progress when you see them come out in groups for their festivals. 

Their fashion sense is quite top-notch, the perfect blend of modern and traditional. 

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2. Alto Cauale

This is one of Angola’s most populous cities. It sits pretty in the Uige province. I will argue that it is one of the most developed cities in the country. Being that populated means that there must be a lot of migration to Alto Cauale from other smaller towns.

Most of the migrants are youths who come seeking jobs and education. 

There are so many women beautiful women in this Angolan city, so many we can almost promise you that your neck is going to hurt if you are bent on turning around to see each one who walks past you. 

To get a woman in Alto Cauale, you only need to get your ethics right. Speak to her nicely and with her, and if you are great at spinning humor, try to make her laugh. 

On your first date with her, discuss the music of Angola and its history, and don’t forget to have some drinks. 

3. Alto Zambeze

This is another Angolan city I love. When I first came here with my friend, we had an inside joke about how the name of the city sounds like music. 

I remember my friend asking me: “Do they sing alto here?” Memories!

Perhaps they call the city Alto Zambeze because the voices of its women sound like music. 

I am inclined to believe that some of the warmest women in the world live here. And they are very pretty too. They love to cook for some reason. 

If a woman from Zambeze fixes you a dish, you will most likely lick at your plate. 

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4. Balombo

Balombo sits in the Benguela province. It is a fairly calm city, even though you may encounter small crimes like petty thieving every now and then. 

Balombo is amongst the populous cities. Which means there is a variety of people here. You are going to love the women. I can almost promise you. ‘

They are weirdly tall, and even though most of them happen to be very religious, they will surely give you an audience if you make them feel good. 

Approach nicely. Be nice. Unrelated, but you may have to check out this post if you seek to learn how to talk to a girl.

5. Ambaca

Ambaca is in the Cuanza Norte province of Angola. It is a fairly large city with a population of around 60,000 people, per the 2014/18 census. This no doubt includes a whole lot of beautiful women.

In addition to some very prominent attraction sites here and the beautiful weather, which you are going to love, they are so many beautiful women in Ambaca. 

They also love to cook, and for some reason, they love to party too. Catch up with some of them in famous clubs like Caminto Nightclub. 

They will surely enjoy your company if you are fun. 

6. Baia Farta

Baia Farta has a population of around a hundred thousand people. It is in the Benguela Province. That many people in an area where is not much employment mean only one thing: there is going to be some crime. 

So, yes, expect to crime face to face with small crimes in Baia Farta. 

Also, expect to meet very beautiful women who are going to hold your gaze for long after they have walked past. 

What interests me the most about the women here is how they relate with just about anyone, even strangers. 

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7. Ambriz

Ambriz is a small town in the Bengo province of Angola. Now, this is not so much of a luxury town. I describe it as a growing one, one that is reaching its arms to take hold of urbanization. 

But the people here, and not just the women, are some of the warmest and most beautiful people I have seen. Right from a young age, women are taught to take care of themselves and nurture the world around them.

This means they love strong, and they love hard. You will only understand what I mean when you talk to a couple. 

8. Calulo

Calulo is another quite small town. It is on the very outskirts of Angola. It is more of a rural town than an urban one. 

You will enjoy your stay here with the locals. They cook good food and will make you feel as though you are one of them. 

The women here are very beautiful. Unlike in other parts of Africa, where women are expected to have really wide hips, most of the women here are a bit thin—midway between thin and very thick. 

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9. Dondo

Dondo has a population of around thirty thousand people. It is a relatively small city but one that bustles with life. Most of the people I reached out to with questions about this city, all of whom have stayed here for at least a month or more, agree that it is a city to meet beautiful women. 

“The women are beautiful, trust me.” 

10. Luanda

This is the capital of Angola and the largest city here. It is the hub of industrialization and urbanization. 

I guess you can already tell the kind of women you would find here are going to be a bit more modernized. 

They tend to love art very much and are fun to talk to. Luanda is, without a doubt, home to Angola’s most beautiful women!

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