10 Most Beautiful Places in Guinea

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Sep 27, 2023

Guinea is filled with beautiful places to explore. Also known as Guinea-Conakry, to avoid having it mistaken for Equatorial Guinea and Guinea Bissau, its neighbors, this north African country is the 77th largest country in the world with a land mass of 245,857-kilometer square. She shares borders with about six other African countries. These are Mali to the north, Sierra Leone to the south, Côte d’Ivoire to the east, Senegal to the northwest, Guinea Bissau to the west, and Liberia to the south. 

Being a French colony, their official language is French. Although the official language is French, the people of Guinea do not abandon their indigenous languages. Guinea is a really nice country to be in. Here is a list of pretty places in Guinea that you should know about:

1. Conakry

This is the capital of Guinea. This metropolis is the trade hub of the country. And as many visitors say, it never falls asleep. 

This could be due to its population of about two million. It is majorly known for its busy markets, artistic mosques, and cultural centers. As wonderful as this place seems, it is quite advisable to be careful while on your trip. 

Due to the high level of poverty, some citizens may devise illegal means to survive. This could include exploiting visitors. 

The Conakry central mosque is one of the best sights you would see in this city. It was built in the late nineteen hundreds, and it is so big many worshippers can fit in there. If non-Muslims are to visit, they are advised to dress and cover up properly. 

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2. Camayenne

Although Camayenne is in Conakry, it deserves its spot on this list. It is said that the best hotels to stay in when you visit Conakry are in Camayenne. There is an endless pool of amazing, fun-filled places to choose from. 

These hotels offer five-star services, premium rates, rooms, bars, and even nightclubs. There is no boring moment while in Camayenne because all the fun lovers go here. Camayenne has about eight airports close to it. So you need not worry about traveling for hours from the closest airport before getting here. 

3. Nzerekore

This is the second-largest and most populated city and unquestionably stands as one of the most beautiful places in Guinea. It is also a commercial hub of the country. It is said that Nzerekore has the best electricity in the country. 

In 2012, a power plant was installed here. Nzerekore is one place with very beautiful landscapes. The meaning of word Nzerekore translates into “land of hunters”. The indigenous people of this land are hunters. This place is known as the forest capital of Guinea because of its beautiful rainforests. Nzerekore is a path to the imposing Nimba mountains. 

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4. Kindia

This bubbly town is known for its beautiful sights, such as the Dardya waterfalls and the natural pools that can be found at the Fataco waterfall park. 

Traditional music and cuisine are everywhere you turn. Marché de Kindia is a beautiful market where you can experience the culture firsthand. There are many local artisans who would wow you with their handmade crafts. 

This is a great place to go gift shopping. Most tourists go to Kindia during the dry season, which runs from November to March. Although this is when tourism is at its peak, there would be enough room for you. 

5. Kankan

Did you know that the Toma Residences, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is in Kankan? This and many other sights are what a trip to Kankan promises. 

If you love nature, then Mount Loura National Park is the place for you. If you want Instagram-worthy pictures, get your photography game on because this place promises to be beautiful. 

Here you can hike, go camping and birdwatching. One thing people who have visited Kankan like to unanimously agree upon is that the place is colorful. The hospitable hoteliers offer a variety of prices that can fit into even a small budget. 

The one thing I look forward to most whenever I plan my visits is the food. A personal favorite is Kani Keli. Visit to find out what it is. 

6. Kamsar

Situated in the Boké region of Guinea lays this coastal city. Guinea makes most of its revenue from mining Bauxite, and the mines can be found right here. As I had said earlier, it is a coastal city. In this city is the Kassa Island. 

The Kassa island is one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous places you could be in the world. They even have a lighthouse from which you can see the beautiful surrounding blue water. Tenene is somewhere you should see. 

This little village is overflowing with rice fields and culture, and they are known to receive visitors warmly. 

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7. Coyah

Coyah is one of the best places to visit in Guinea. This beautiful town is still one of the untouched beauties of Guinea. If you want to escape the busyness of the really large cities but do not want anything too dreary either, this is the place for you. 

With a large botanical garden where you are offered the country’s rich, well-preserved natural resources firsthand, you have your guides who are ever willing to teach you so much about botany. You can also visit the Bel Air beach. 

8. Fria

If you want to have a family holiday, then this is the place for you. Fria is one of the most peaceful locations in Guinea. The town is filled with beautiful sights, such as waterfalls, landscapes, and even hiking paths. 

The community of Fria is admittedly quiet, but it’s by far one of the best places to visit in Guinea when you and your family need some time together.

9. Siguiri

Although it is known for its gold mines, Siguiri has more to offer than its gems. One of the major attractions of the city is the Sankaran Hills. This array of hills is very aesthetically appealing. You should really visit the gold mines in this area because they hold many of the cultural relics. 

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10. Labé

In the heart of Labé is the Grande mosquée de Labé. It is a very beautiful sight. On the south of the city are dinosaur footprints in the rocks that are believed to date back to the Jurassic period. If you want to go mountain climbing, Mount Telemelé is just the place for you. Here is the highest peak in the area.


There are many Guineas in Africa. Guinea, without the Bissau, is one of the most beautiful and does have many beautiful places to explore.

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