Top 10 Cities With The Most Beautiful Women In Cameroon

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Feb 6, 2023

Cameroon is one of the few bilingual countries in the world with a lot of beautiful ladies. This means variety. This means you get to meet people on opposite sides of language and culture. This means fun. Lonely Africa takes you on a trip to Cameroon, where we seek the cities with the most beautiful women.

These top 10 cities, we have found, house the most beautiful women in Cameroon.

1. Yaoundé

This is Cameroon’s capital city and one of the cities with the most beautiful women in the country. It is not the regular capital city, as in this city, you will find an almost equal mix of English speakers and French speakers. This is good news for guys whose first language is French. 

Yaoundé women are quite thick, and I mean the kind of thick you only find in countries like Nigeria and Ghana. 

They have butts quite large. I believe this has to do with a genetic predisposition or something, some kind of adaptation to their environment. 

It feels weird, but I think this adaptation has something to do with the rocky terrain of Cameroon. You know, you will need a lot of power in your hips to climb hilly areas. This is, by the way, though. Just know this: women from Yaoundé are beautiful and pretty thick too. 

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2. Douala

Douala is the only city in Cameroon bigger than the capital city with a lot of gorgeous women. The city is also very populous. Census shows that it houses up to 3.8 million people. 

I have a thing for populous cities because they have a variety of women, including the ones who tick all your boxes. 

In Douala, it is almost impossible to find a woman who doesn’t make you swoon and turn your face back. 

They are dark and beautiful and bold too. Weirdly, they seem to have this resemblance with women from West Africa. By this, I mean women who are either from Ghana or Nigeria. 

They even share the same love for style. 

It is needful that I add how much fun women from Douala are. I have been here a couple of times and can say the way to a Douala woman’s heart is the right taste of fun. 

Give her some good wine and watch her open up to you. 

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3. Beau

Beau is another very famous city in Cameroon with many stunning women. It is even spoken about in other African countries like Nigeria. It is one of Cameroon’s safest cities, so being here will not pose any kind of threat to you. 

Beau houses a commendable number of French speakers as well. 

It is a bustling city, and there is a lot of fun going on there even now. A lot of beautiful women too. 

One thing I like the most about women from Beau is their open-mindedness. 

4. Kumba

Kumba is one of the biggest cities in Cameroon and a preferred location to meet women who tick your boxes. 

Kumba is a city I like to describe as a dancing city. Women here know how to have fun and do not feel bad about it. 

Of course, in some parts of Cameroon, to be fun is to be admired. And yes, by all means, do have fun. 

I’ll give you a secret: when you go to Pumba, be bold. Women from Pumba do not love a man who is timid. If you are bold and funny, you will be a favored man by these women. 

5. Bamenda

Your visit to Cameroon is not complete if you have not visited Bamenda. I think Bamenda bears a lot of resemblance to the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 

In Bamenda, you will find very beautiful women who tick all your boxes. 

They are just beautiful. Bold and beautiful. Women here are somewhat taller than the rest. They have flat noses as well, although you will also find women who have pointed noses here. 

Bamenda women do not joke with their fashion and style. I like so much how they style their hair. I also like their Ankara gowns, which often hug their thighs to bring out prominent curves. 

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6. Nkongsamba

This city is bordered by Beau and is also one of the places I recommend you find beautiful women. 

Like those in Beau, women in Nkongsamba know how to have fun! They do. 

Find some along campuses. But be sure to flirt subtly. Don’t make it so obvious you are trying to flirt with them, or stuff might go wrong. Be subtle and fun. 

7. Edea

Edea is of the 15 most populous cities in Cameroon. I like so much how this city feels. It is a bit calmer than it used to be, and this is a good thing. 

Edea is home to some of the most beautiful women you will see. Not just in Cameroon but in the world. Weirdly, the women here are often light-skinned. 

Love light-skinned women? Then Edea is your go-to spot. 

Catch the breath of the city, and then go talk to a woman whose smile draws you in. Be bold. Edea women like bold men. 

8. Bangante

This is another place to find attractive Cameroonian women whom you will really like. 

The women of Bangante are quite amazing. They seem to love art so much. If you are a lover of art, then you should talk to a woman from Bangate. 

Do not outdo yourself, though; these women are sensitive and can easily tell when you are trying too hard. 

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9. Garoua

This is a regional capital, a beautiful and large city. It is north of Cameroon and sort of a conservative city. The women here, therefore, are not the kind who are so open to meeting men. But if you are great at approaching women, you will not likely run into any problems. 

10. Kouserri

This is another city up north of Cameroon with some of the most beautiful women Cameroon has. There is a dense population of women here. You should try to talk to a few. 

That being said, you can also trip around Kouserri’s beautiful spots scattered around the town to find Cameroon’s stunning women. It’s an incredible tour, and you’ll find many more spots. It’s amazing. 


There is a dense population of beautiful women in Cameroon. Whether you get to visit the countryside or cities, Cameroonian women are a beautiful sight to behold while in Cameroon.

One of the best things about Cameroon is the varied and diverse mix of people around every corner.

By Lonely Africa Editors

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