15 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In Africa

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Jul 8, 2022

Brown-skinned women are another outstanding shade of beauty. From their sheen skins to their curvy appearance, African women are the kind that will make you take deep breaths and appreciate all the beauty in the world. I have made a list of African countries with the most beautiful women.

To be factual, there are lots of beautiful ladies in every single African country. One of the noteworthy things about Africa is that it is the most diverse continent on the planet.

The rest is down to individual inclination and what you find personally alluring… the western definition of beauty? African standard of beauty or the Arabian and Indian ones?

We can generally find Western beauty standards in the Northern and Eastern parts of Africa where there is European, Arabian, Indian, Nubian, and Abyssinian heritage. Ladies, there have western (ish) features, for example, a lithe body, slimmer lips, and a high-tented nose regardless of the shade of their skin.

West African and sub-Saharan ladies regularly have more extensive and round noses, with more shapely figures.

Obviously, there will consistently be those ladies with both or blended mix depending on family intermarriage and immigration.

Below is a list of the top 15 countries with the most beautiful women in Africa according to online reviews and surveys.

1. Nigeria

Giant Africa, Nigeria, has won a Miss World crown. This should tell you that it is a place where you can find beautiful women of any spec. 

The most crowded nation and one of the most demographically diverse countries in Africa has so many delightful women with high fashion sense. Women in Nigeria are undoubtedly beautiful, as seen by the beauty contests they constantly win.

Nigerian ladies are famous for being dark-skinned and romantically appealing. These ladies are stunning, dangerously savvy, full of life, and ground-breaking energy.

Comparatively, Nigerian women are not so dark. But they are beautiful in every way. 

You’ll find very curvy women in Southern Nigeria across Akwa-Ibom State and Cross River. In the North, you’ll find tall and dark women. 

Nigerian women are known to be friendly and smart. They are nice to strangers and can spark some of the most amazing conservations. 

Nigerian women take an interest in arts and entertainment mostly; this is why you will find many award-winning young female writers, actresses, and musicians here. 

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2. South Africa

Lots of women go to the extremes of doing plastic surgery to have curvy bodies. In South Africa, a country blessed with beautiful women, curvy is the norm.

These lovely and enchanting ladies are not materialistic or shallow, but they need things.

They will work hard to have their own possessions, but men with financial security are in high demand and appreciated.

You’ll find beautiful women scattered everywhere across South Africa, from Johannesburg to the smaller cities.

Since South Africa happens to be a country big on preserving its heritage, South African women are known to be ‘natural’. That is to say; they exude the true African idea of beauty. Natural. 

South African women are also quite thick. And thanks to the government, they are quite educated. The government of South Africa is particular about empowering its women. 

Women in South Africa take a genuine interest in arts, music, dance, sports, and education. 

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3. Somali

Somalian ladies live on the “Horn of Africa” and are unquestionably worth the trip to Somalia.

These young women, usually tall and lean, are unique for their remarkable and unforgettable facial highlights. There are many Somalis that have become world-renowned models and different VIPs. They are very agreeable and thoughtful.

Take in the excellent Indian Ocean from a comfortable spot with your Somalian friend. Learn the Somali language and have fun communicating.

4. Ghana

The Gold Coast, Ghana, is another country in Africa where you can find really some of the most beautiful women in Africa. 

Ghanaians are true “Africa for Beginners” for some reason. Ghanaians are very welcoming and tolerant of vacationers/ex-pats, and English is a general language.

If you pay a visit to Accra and meet a Ghanaian woman, you may never return home again!

Ghanaian ladies are exquisite, benevolent, curvy, and smart. This is a point noted by nearly every visitor who visits Ghana.

Ghanaian women are also known to smile a lot. And they make some of the most amazing cornrows you’ll see. 

They are very thick too, and definitely fun to be with. Ghanaian women are quite interested in visual arts and history. So you will find many female painters in the country.

You’ll also find many historians.

A Ghanaian woman is naturally friendly and is particular about treating everyone with respect. They are also passionate lovers—romance is a big thing in Ghana. 

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5. Kenya

Kenya, the origin of United States President Barack Obama’s dad, is a rising gem in Africa. With over 2 million tourists every year, Kenya is a fantastic choice for first-time African travelers.

English is a major language, and in addition, the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, is one of the world’s biggest innovation centers. It is the “Silicon Valley” of Africa.

Kenyan ladies are lovely, and questionably the most beautiful ladies in East Africa. This makes Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, an amazing mainstream travel location for men hoping to meet their Kenyan beauties.

Nairobi is a steady and safe city, so you can book your trip to Kenya without fear.

East Africa is known for its dark and tall women. The truth is, you can tell a Kenyan woman by just looking at one: they are tall, with high chins and a smile. 

When it comes to fashion sense, not many countries in East Africa come close to Kenya. Kenyan women are big on fashion and entertainment; this explains why the entertainment industry in Kenya is seeing remarkable growth. 

Across the world, Kenyan women make some of the best runway models. They are also particular about jewelry. They are educated too and know how to strike and sustain cool conversations. 

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6. Morocco

Morocco is brimming with Arabic-speaking beauties. It’s about time you learn to speak Arabic! The country is safe for ex-pats, making it an exceptionally well-known travel destination.

Casablanca, the capital of Morocco, is a decent place to see lovely Moroccan ladies. With over 3 million occupants, it is the biggest city in Morocco. Islam is the dominant religion in Morocco, so it is not as advisable to approach ladies directly.

7. Burundi and Rwanda

In these two nations, ladies have similar beautiful features, the distinction being their talking accent and style sense. Burundi has a unique accent and fashion sense, but both these two nations have some of the most beautiful women in Africa

English is the official language of Rwanda, so you’ll have the option to speak with Rwandan women with no problem. In case you’re arranging a trip to Rwanda, you’ll see various beautiful ladies in the capital city of Kigali.

8. South Sudan

Sudanese ladies are charming, inviting, and appealing, and they speak English. Because of the low language obstruction, South Sudan is a decent spot to see and communicate with heaps of stunning women, known for their tall and black beauty, South Sudan is popular around the world.

The best thing about this nation is that they communicate in English as their general language, making correspondence easy.

Juba, the capital of South Sudan, is the biggest and most secure city in South Sudan to visit. You will see delightful women as they go for a stroll in the town or at shopping malls. However, this Muslim country is very strict about men trying to converse with ladies out in the open.

9. Zimbabwe

Women from Zimbabwe are elegant and bold, and this is because the government there is starting to pay attention to its women. They are tall and dark and quite thick. 

Zimbabwean women seem to be big on arts and culture. They understand their heritage quite well and will be willing to tell anyone who is going to listen. 

They also pay some attention to entertainment and dance. Women from Zimbabwe do well in beauty pageants all around the world. They also make for very fine writers. 

Ladies in Zimbabwe are also beautiful and stunning. We revere Zimbabwean ladies for their beauty and also for their courage.

The distressing economic situation in the country makes everybody buckle up, including young girls. From a very young age, they start to help their parents with cooking and housework.

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10. Namibia

Namibia has a rich history and cannot be left out of any list of countries with the most beautiful African women.

Women from Namibia have quite sheen skins. You’ll always see the melanin glow when they walk past. They exude an attractive feminity, which is sure going to make you turn around to have another look.

Namibia women’s beauty does not need to be overemphasized; whoever visits the country can see for himself.

They are known to be proud of their achievements. Nonetheless, the women in Namibia are not boastful, just very aware of their self-worth, and rightly so.

11. Tanzania

Like Ghana, most Tanzanian women are curvy. They are also quite tall and have a peculiar skin stone. Also, pay attention to looking natural. 

A typical Tanzanian woman will wear her natural hair with pride, designing it with jewelry. She will carry her face straight, with beauty and poise, exuding such a strong and attractive kind of feminity. 

Whilst Tanzanian women are soft-spoken, they are very bold—they have a way of expressing their thoughts without stepping on anyone’s toes. They are also family and goal-oriented. 

The Tanzanian government pays much attention to its women. So, yes, the women in Tanzania are quite educated. 

12. Ethiopia

In Addis-Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, you will find a dense population of very beautiful African women.

Ladies in Ethiopia are exceptionally beautiful, enchanting, and flawless. Their exceptional and striking looks will fascinate a person who has never seen the beauty of Ethiopian ladies before. They have chocolate-colored skin, soft and adorable hair, and dazzling facial highlights.

Ethiopian ladies share a similar degree of facial highlights as ladies from Eritrea, Somalia, and Djibouti. They are unique for their wide eyes and wonderful elegance.

One thing strikes anyone about Ethiopian women: how strong and educated they are—Ethiopia is among the first African countries to have a female leader. 

This means the government here gives attention to empowering its women. 

They are educated and smart and pay a lot of attention to their looks. Ethiopia has a fast-rising fashion industry, and soon, the country will be one of the leading fashion hubs in the continent. 

Ethiopian women will give you a feel of what a rich conversation should be like.

13. Egypt

Egypt is in North Africa and is home to quite a number of beautiful women in Africa. Typically, Egyptian women are tall and powerful. They carry an aura of royalty that is going to pull anyone who likes elegance. 

They are mostly Muslims, though, meaning they don’t reveal much skin. They’ll mostly be covered up when you see them. But the truth is: they are quite beautiful. 

So, when next you meet an Egyptian woman, strike up a conversation about music. You’ll be surprised how well the conservation is going to go. 

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14. Congo

Last but not least on our rundown of top African countries with the most beautiful women are the Congolese ladies.

Congo is a small country with over 300 ethnic groups and home to some of the most beautiful women in Africa. 

Congolese women, like many African women, are big on wearing their natural looks and clothes. Quite tall and thick and dark, Congolese women are big on fashion and entertainment. They make and wear some of the most beautiful Ankara you will see. 

Congolese women also seem to love some outdoor fun. So, when next you meet one, suggest going out with her. 

15. Ivory Coast

The skins of Ivory Coast women are a unique shade of dark and glisten in the sun. And their hair is thick and unique, the true African sight.

Ivory Coast is no doubt favored by beautiful women. They are among the most intelligent and accomplished ladies on earth. Ivorian ladies ooze sexiness. It’s in them; they don’t make attempts; they are simply appealing.

You’ll find very attractive and curvy women across Abidjan and Bouake and you’ll find tall and dark women. 

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