10 Cities with the Most Beautiful Women in Liberia

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Jul 11, 2023

This beautiful country, Liberia, sits in West Africa and is bordered by Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Sierra Leone. It has a rich history, which is considered quite dark, as it was founded by slaves. However, the country continues to tell the story of African resilience. In this article, we go to Liberia, but not in search of rich history. We go in search of cities with the most beautiful women in Liberia. 

1. Monrovia

This is a city you just have to stop by, as it has some amazing beaches you will enjoy your time at. 

There are also a lot of bars and restaurants you can have fun at. The women are very friendly too. They are a perfect blend of traditional and modern and might turn out to be some of the most beautiful women you have ever met. 

2. Harper

Harper stands in the Southern area of Liberia and is a place you ought to be in search of beautiful places and people. The beaches here are near perfect. Some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Africa, lined by Coconut palms and having very beautiful sands. 

The women you find in Harper are women I like to describe as ‘soft.’ They look nothing like the story of their resilience, and this is going to make your jaw drop when they begin to tell you all they have had to deal with as a people. 

From the Ebola outbreaks to the intense insecurity crises, the people of Harper Liberia are a beacon of hope. 

The women look a lot like models, I tell you. And for women, they are strikingly tall. There is such a big chance they will tower over you. 

Though Harper is not much of an urbanized city yet, there is so much hope for this lovely place.

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3. Zwedru

A suburban city seven hours away from the capital city by road, Zwedru has a population of around 23 thousand people. 

They make it to this list of the most beautiful women in Liberia because of how warm the women who live here are. 

The warmth is something that draws anyone in. These women are quite conservative too, and there may be a language barrier when communicating with them. 

But in all, the women of Zwedru are very beautiful, making Zwedru one of the best places to find beautiful women in Liberia. 

4. Robertsport

This is now one of the most favored tourist attraction sites in Liberia. 

It is well known for the surfing sports that take place here. The area in itself is not very urban, but the women here are strikingly urban. 

They seem to know much about European culture, the culture and history of Africa too. 

Robertsport is one of those places you find beautiful women who can hold down just about any conversation. 

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5. Harbel

This is a city very close to the Atlantic coast. It draws quite a number of tourists every year and is someplace you just have to visit when next you stop by Liberia. 

It will surprise you how warm the people who live here are. A friend of mine has described them as being the warmest people in Liberia, and it is not far from the truth. 

The women are warm and very beautiful–what anyone will describe as traditional women. They seem to be quite tall too.

6. Sanniquellie

This is a bustling city that gets much of its money from farming. It is not so much of a beautiful city, but it gets a lot of tourists every year because there is a UNESCO world heritage center in its core. 

Sanniquellie is one spot where you will find very beautiful women in Liberia. You will find them in bars and clubs in the evenings, cooling off from a hard day’s work. 

They seem very friendly and can be very thick. And I mean the kind of thickness that makes one turn to stare.

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7. Buchanan

This is 3 hours south of Liberia’s capital and is not much of a developed area either. Although there are many beaches here, most of these beaches are underdeveloped, and one only sees scattered settlements around. 

In the heart of the city, though, there is such a rich population of locals, who may turn out to be some of the nicest people you will meet.

The women are warm and very welcoming. And they look pretty good too. They look a lot like women you wind in the Western areas of Nigeria and happen to represent their culture really well.

Meet beautiful women 

8. Bensonville

This is such an important commercial city in Liberia. It used to be such an industrial city until the civil war in Liberia threw things into disarray. It currently has a population of around thirty thousand people. And amongst these people are very beautiful women. 

That is to say, Bensoville has a rich population of very beautiful women in Liberia. They seem to be women who enjoy the nightlife. So, whenever you meet one, ask how she feels about going out with you to one of the many bars scattered around the city.

9. Kakata

This city is also very populous, with a population of around thirty-three thousand. The women here are very beautiful but tend to be farmers since the major trade in the city is rubber farming. 

They are also very nice and fun to be around. I like to say that every minute spent with a woman in Kakata counts, especially if you want to learn about the rich culture. Nobody teaches you Liberian culture better than a Liberian woman who thinks you are worth talking to.

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10. Gbarnga

This is the leading educational center in Liberia. You will therefore find a lot of beautiful women in the University areas. They seem to be fun and very eager to go out and see the rest of the country. 

They are also very thick and know their fashion game just fine. It has always surprised me how these women are able to keep up with all fashion trends. 


Liberia is such a beautiful country with many beautiful women, and their progress at reclaiming their lost beauty is commendable.

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