10 Cities With The Most Beautiful Women in Mozambique

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Feb 6, 2023

Cities in Mozambique are a perfect blend of everything you should find in a city. Mozambiquan cities are amongst the most beautiful in Africa, and no doubt have some of the most beautiful women on the continent. New to Mozambique? These are ten cities where you will find the most beautiful women in Mozambique.

1. Maputo

This is one of the top cities in Mozambique and the perfect spot to find beautiful women in Mozambique who tick all your boxes. Although there is a high number of tourists here, you will also find a good number of local women. 

For some reason, they are pretty tall and have faces well carved. 

If a woman from Maputo smiles at you, flashing her teeth, be sure that your day is already made. 

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2. Tete

Tete is a nice city that sits in the Tete province and is one of the go-to spots if you are seeking beautiful women who live in Mozambique. Like Maputo, there is a rich population of tourist women here, but you can very well find the locals too. 

Tete is also a very rapidly growing city and is said to be the 9th city with the fastest growth in Africa.

3. Pemba

A trip to Pemba is sure going to be one of the fascinating trips within Mozambique. The city is a port district and sits on the Peninsula of Pemba Bay.

Pemba sees a lot of tourists every year, and you can get to meet women who will surely throw you off your feet. 

These women are quite tall and thick and have broad faces I will gladly describe as beautiful. 

You can meet as many as you want and ask them out on dates, or better still, take them to the beach and have some fun together. 

Yes, I must add that they are very friendly as well. By friendly, I mean that if approached right, most women from Pemba will have no issues with holding a conversation with someone they have not met before. 

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4. Matola

Matola is the most populous city in Mozambique. You know what this means, don’t you? Of course, there are going to be a lot of beautiful women, a mix of many local tribes and customs. 

Since the city is a rapidly growing one and quite urban, people migrate from rural areas to seek better jobs and opportunities here. Of course, being the most industrial area in the country, the city is the perfect place to experience life. 

Most of the women you meet here will give the ‘formal’ vibe at first. But get to know them better, and you will definitely see how much fun they can be. 

5. Nampula

Nampula is a common city around Africa. Even in west Africa, the name Nampula rides the wind, and it is no wonder why: the women here are quite beautiful. It is a fairly large city, and since there are a lot of people, they are a lot of beautiful women. 

Women from Mapula do not joke with their art and culture. They are what I will describe as African women who know how to be African. 

Although they do adopt some western styles, they are advocates for Pan-Africanism. It is not uncommon to see these women rock their cornrows, even in formal settings. They rock their Ankara wears with pride and almost always seem to have the perfect jewelry to match. 

A woman from Nampula, typically, is very smart as well. And nice. If you approach her nicely, she will be one of the nicest women you will meet, and she will engage you in a conversation you do not forget in a hurry. 

6. Nacala

Nacala reminds me of Tete in many ways. Probably because it is a relatively small city as well, with a population of around 225,000 people, still, it is one of my most recommended places to find the most beautiful women in Mozambique. 

Women from Nacala know how to have fun! Of course, you wouldn’t expect any less from a city that stands on a beach. 

They are also welcome to meet new people as the city is not so religious. 

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7. Mocuba

Mocuba is also another small city in the Zambezia Province in Mozambique. Though small, it is quite an industrious city with women who have embraced their feminity and know how to be women. 

In the past, these women weren’t the kind I would call very educated. Of course, they weren’t. Now, however, these women are pretty educated as education has eaten deep into the fabric of Mozambique, especially the education of young women. 

Mocuba women will tick most of your boxes, including the humor box. For some reason, they seem to be very sarcastic when the conditions to display sarcasm are right. 

8. Lichinga

This city is a plateau city and is very beautiful. I will highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of taking a break from all the bustling of their own city. 

Here, you experience some peace and quiet, and you also get to meet a lot of women who will no doubt make you grin and smile and blush. 

These women are beautiful and, in every sense of the word, stunning. They usually prefer to appear very natural and are bold about their African beliefs.

Linchinga women are also very good conversationalists. 

9. Angoche

Angoche is in the province Nampula. It is not a small city that contained only about 90,000 people during the last census in 2017. 

The women here are beautiful and have a special liking for art. They also seem to really love jewelry. And they sure do love to go out also.

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10. Inhambane

You should take a trip to Inhambane if you are trying to meet tall and very fit women. Head inside the town to wander around while stopping for a bite to eat in any of the restaurants. 

These are the true depiction of African beauty! Women in Mozambique are some of the most beautiful you will meet!


Mozambique is one of those African countries you visit and get a totally different experience depending on your adventure and which city you explore. There’s just so much diversity and a mix of beautiful women.

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