10 Tribes With The Most Beautiful Women in Nigeria

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Dec 11, 2023

Nigeria, being a multiethnic nation, has people from different ethnic groups having distinct looks that make them different from other people in the country. There are little features here and there that make you distinguish a northerner from someone who descends from the south. Although different, Nigerian women are beautiful in their own unique ways. 

1. Igbo

The Igbo ethnic group is a majority in the country, and they are known to be quite light-skinned. Women from Abia state, particularly

One feature that makes them stand out is their height. Women of the Igbo ethnic group are quite tall and sturdy. In the way that they have their feet firm on the ground. You do not want to get into a fight with an Igbo woman. Most Igbo women take their personal hygiene seriously. 

2. Fulani

Although some may like to argue that the Fulanis are not exactly Nigerians since they are of a nomadic tribe, I have decided to have them on this list because they have been around Nigeria for too long, and most of us see them as kith and kin. 

The Fulani originally descended from North Africa, so it is expected that they look like people from that region. Fulani women are breathtakingly beautiful and effortlessly so, as they barely wear any makeup. And unlike many tribes in Nigeria, they have very light skin. This earns them the nickname “whites of Africa.” They look a lot like Arabs or Indians. They mostly have long, curly, and lustrous hair. 

I can scarcely believe Fulani women have bad hair days because they do not have the usual 4c hair that women from other parts of Nigeria have, which is harder to maintain. 

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3. Hausa

Hausa women are known for their kind and dark, beautiful hair and painted noses. It is unheard of that a Hausa woman would get a nose job. Hausa women are the Indians of Africa in many ways. 

They have the slim, delicate physique that Indian women are known to have. It is quite surprising that despite their overwhelming beauty, they are not interested in things like beauty pageants. This being said I live quite the minimalist lifestyle. 

It would interest you to know that Hausa women love makeup, and their makeup is usually modeled after Indians. 

Hausa women are very extreme with their complexions. There are hardly any in between. The light-skinned ones would be so fair. Almost white, while the dark-skinned Hausa women would have something close to the color of glittering coal. 

4. Yoruba

You simply cannot ignore the outstanding beauty of a glittering Yoruba queen. Many people like to say that the most beautiful women in Nigeria are found among the Yoruba people. 

Although this a very difficult conclusion to come to, it can be considered. Yoruba women are almost always dark-skinned. Although some Yoruba women turn to bleaching their skin to achieve a light brown complexion, seeing Yoruba women who are naturally fair-skinned is quite the experience. 

Yoruba women are also known for their very white set of pearly teeth and eyes too. While some Yoruba women have tribal marks to accentuate their beauty, many others do not. 

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5. Edo

The Edo, a tribe in southern Nigeria, has very beautiful women. 

They are the descendants of the Benin kingdom and they have a rich cultural heritage too. The Edo people have other tribes who are closely related. Tribes such as the Urhobo, Esan, and Isoko. 

Other than the languages, there is little to no difference among them. Edo women are extremely beautiful. And they have fine bodies, too. One prominent feature among them is their skin. They are known to have really smooth, baby-like skin. 

6. Ibibio Women

People of Ibibio origin are those in states such as Akwa-Ibom and, occasionally, cross-river states. These women are known for their voluptuous figures. They are the curviest sets of women in Nigeria. The average Ibibio woman has a broad set of hips, relatively large breasts, and a stout height. Their body shape is caused by their diet. 

The average height of Ibibio women is 5’6. Most women of this tribe have lustrous chocolatey skin and dark eyes. They are known to keep their home very well. 

7. Tiv

Tiv women are another set of beautiful, endowed women. The Tiv people are a friendly bunch found in Kogi state. 

They do not have very tall women in this tribe, but what they lack in height is made up for in body figure and complexion. Tiv women are known to have a very well-defined body structure—With a nice set of hips, tiny waists, and straight legs. Many Tiv women have beautiful gap teeth. And they are known to be quite friendly to outsiders. 

They are at their most beautiful when they put on their stripy, traditional black-and-white costumes. Tiv women are known to be good dancers, too. They can twist their bodies into angles that many people would not attempt. 

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8. Nupe

Often mistaken for Hausa women, the major distinguishing feature is the very large behinds that Nupe women have. Nupe women have quite the figure. 

You may think that having such large butts would make them fat. On the contrary, they have very small upper bodies and flat stomachs, which remain that way even after childbirth. It is quite sad that you may not see this body because most Nupe women are Muslim, and they wear very conservative clothes. 

9. Ugep

Although not very popular, Ugep women are breathtakingly beautiful. They have very similar features to Hausa women. 

Features such as dark skin, pointed nose, and height. Ugeb women are so tall that seeing a woman who is around 6’3 and above is not an unusual sight amongst them. They are quite soft-spoken, too. 

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10. Efik

In the past, when an Efik girl got into her mid-teenage years, she would be put into a fattening room for a period of six months, where she would be placed on a special diet and given massages every day so she could become fat and soft. 

Now, it is mostly done when she is about to get married. Efik women are known to have the biggest sets of buttocks in the whole of Nigeria. They have flawless skins and a nice set of dentition. 


Nigerian women are remarkable!

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