10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

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Jul 11, 2023

Each city in Nigeria offers stunning beauty, and we’re sharing some of the best cities here. Here are cities in Nigeria that are absolutely breathtaking and a must-visit if you ever want to stop by Nigeria.

1. Uyo | Akwa Ibom State

Rated the cleanest state in Nigeria for the fifth time in a row, Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom, is located in the south-southern region of Nigeria. 

This city is well developed with good roads, infrastructure, and beautiful scenery. Its annual climate is usually around 28.24 degrees C, so the heat is usually very mild. If you want somewhere away from the glare of the sun, this is your sure holiday destination. 

This beautiful temperature compliments the natural aesthetics given by the trees, rain forests, and swamps which are in the area. 

There are so many tourist attractions spots in the state, such as the national museum of colonial history, the Bridge of no return, and Ibeno Beach, amongst many others. 

2. Abuja | FCT

Being the capital city of the country, Abuja has the most infrastructural work out into it. Abuja is quite unique because of its rocky terrain. There is never a wrong time to hike in Abuja since there are rocks everywhere you turn. More prominent ones like Aso rock and Zumba rock top the list of hike-worthy rocks. 

In Abuja are also many tourist attractions but some worthy of note are the wildlife reserves and the parks, gardens, and lakes that lay abound the city. 

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3. Lagos | Lagos State

This mega city is a sure spot for people who are fun seekers and lovers. In this state are many high-rise buildings. 

Mostly, Lagos is known for its fast life and commerce. Someone once said the streets of Lagos are like Walmart. You can buy everything in traffic. 

At night, Lagos is as busy as the day. The lights never go off, so you never run out of places to have fun. Pictures taken in places in Lagos would definitely be aesthetic goals. 

4. Port Harcourt | Rivers State

With lush green scenery and beautiful landscapes, port harcourt is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. This should be what makes it known as the garden city. 

Rivers, which port harcourt is the capital of, is a very rich state as they are one of the top oil-producing states in the country.

If you love seafood, port harcourt is a place you should be at. Being a coastal city, it provides you with as much seafood as you need. And the whole coastal area adds beauty to the scenery. 

Port Harcourt’s nightlife is also something you would love. The lights never go out here, too. And you know what lights do to a dark night. 

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5. Ibadan | Oyo State

Also known as the city of brown roofs because of the numerous rusted roofs that can even be seen from far away, although many people may not agree, Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, would take your breath away. In a good way, anyways. 

Ibadan is known for its retro vibe scenery and cultural heritage. The best time of the year to be in Ibadan is during the Oke Ibadan festival. The name translates to the hill of Ibadan in honor of the hill on which the locals believe Ibadan was first built. 

During this festival, there is usually a lot of color against the ancient city, and the combination is always breathtaking. 

6. Jos | Plateau State

Located on a plateau, Jos is one of the coolest cities in Nigeria. In Jos are different ethnic groups that are very distinct. Yet, they all manage to remain quite peaceful with each other, rightly earning Jos its position of “home of peace and tourism.” 

The most unique thing about Jos is its landscape. In Jos are many rock formations, such as the Riyom rocks and Shere Hills. All are totally safe for hiking.

Jos has so many tourist attractions that would provide you with fun memories to live with. If you love wildlife, the Jos wildlife park is a place you must visit. 

When you eventually get to Jos, I strongly suggest you do not leave before visiting the National Museum of Jos. Here you would get to learn a whole lot about the place and its people. 

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7. Benin City | Edo State

Being one of the oldest cities in Nigeria and Africa, Benin city dates back to even the pre-colonial era. It has the most unique history in the country, and even in English museums, there are relics from this empire. 

The city is known for its bronze sculptures, arts and craft, and beads. The Benin traditional attire is known for the telltale beads. The stays of a man in the Benin kingdom can be determined by the beads he wears.

Attraction centers in Benin you should not miss out on are the National Museum and the royal palace of the Oba of Benin, amongst others. A festival of note is the Igue festival. 

8. Kano | Kano State

Kano is the oldest city in the West African region. And it was a point of trade between Nigerians and Arab back in the day. This was made easier because of its location close to the Sahara desert. 

The city is a very warm and homely one with very charming streets and beautiful buildings. They’re known for horse riding and really colorful festivals. 

The people of Kano are a very cheerful and welcoming lot. Some tourist attractions in Kano are the Kajuru Castle, Muhammed Library, and Gidan Makama Museum. 

9. Warri | Delta State

A booming business hub in the state of Delta state is somewhere you definitely should pick for a vacation. It is a leading city because of its oil production, which makes it rich and flourishing. Lots of developments have been made in the city, making it a very clean and healthy place to live in. 

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10. Enugu | Enugu State

Enugu is known to be one of the best-planned cities in the country. The city has a very impressive road network and equally impressive buildings, which have made it very clean and aesthetic. 

The people in Enugu are very welcoming, and the food, too, is worth every bite. You should try visiting Enugu City the next time you find yourself in Nigeria. 


Nigerian cities give flavor to tourism. While these beautiful cities in Nigeria have much in common, their cultures, histories, natural resources, languages, foods, and topography pose some intriguing distinctions.

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