10 Most Beautiful Places In Mozambique

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Dec 11, 2023

For wanderlust purposes, Mozambique is the best place to be. The national parks here are limitless and you can learn about the nation’s cultural heritage from just a visit to the place. In this country, there are islands and beaches to die for. 

1. Maputo

Being the capital territory of Mozambique, this city is filled with beautiful memories to last a life time.

Everywhere and everything in Maputo is worth seeing. From the colonial ruins to the current day infrastructure and the very bearable climate and water bodies abound the city, this is a very pleasant place to be in. 

If you will be visiting anytime soon and you do not want to miss any of the pleasures of the city, read on and keep in mind where you should be at. 

The National History Museum is a must-visit. What is a good time in a foreign country if you do not learn about the evolution and cultural heritage of its people? 

This place is just the perfect start. This work of art was built in the Manueline style. Taking a walk through its halls, you would see fossils, elephant fetuses, and cultural artifacts, amongst other things. You could also go to the Costa do Sol beach and bravely visit some of the shamans there to have your fortune read with kauri shells. It might be worth it. 

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2. Bazaruto Archipelago

Along the coastline of Mozambique lays this wonder of nature. Here, there are about five main islands surrounded by the deep blue Indian Ocean and countless aquatic life. 

In this area, most people come to dive in the turquoise waters, and this is the part of the country that holds the most tourists every year, so you have no fear of isolation. 

It gets really exciting because every now and then, dolphins and even whales pop their heads out of the water. If you want to have some aesthetic effect in your photos, the flock of flamingos there would do the job. 

3. Xai-Xai

Developed to be a tourist place, even though it might not be as beautiful as other parts of Mozambique, this place is worth traveling to. Xai-Xai is known to be one of the leading trade and agricultural hubs. 

A walk in the market would guarantee you seeing loads and loads of seafood. And the locals are so kind that they could offer you some for free. From this town, you can discover lots of beaches. 

Here, the water is shallow, and often, the very rare dugong comes around, and you can catch a glimpse of it. Outside this amazing town, there is the Wenela Tidal Pool. This pool is a blow hole that shoots water far into the air regularly. 

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4. Inhaca Island

Inhaca Island is a haven for marine biologists as they flock here in large numbers to study the extremely rare aquatic life in the area. 

In fact, on this island, there is a research center dedicated solely to studying the animal species that reside there. On the island alone, there are about 300 registered bird species! If bird watching is a hobby of yours, then this island is the best destination for your next holidays. 

If you are not scared of heights, then you can climb the lighthouse from which you can see the breathtakingly beautiful sea and beaches. 

5. Quirimbas Archipelago

In this stunning location are 32 coral islands. In the near future, this archipelago will be on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. 

Here, you can find beautiful white sand beaches and amazing aquatic life. This is a part of the Qurimbas National Park, which is totally worth visiting. 

6. Tofo

Shaped like a half-moon made out of white sand, Tofo Island is one of the most beautiful places in Mozambique. On this coastal town are many coral reefs. An example is the Manta reef, where large manta rays have made a haven out of. Here, fish come to feast on the parasites on the ray’s bodies. 

It could get lonely on Tofo Beach if you are not a diver. Most people who come here come to dive in the pristine waters. The locals of Tofo are a very friendly lot, and you would find most of them at the small market in the village. 

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7. Machilla Magic

Machilla Magic, which is a tourist destination, is what I would call a DIY adventure. Although you might not be the one to make these little pieces of art, they might be made right in front of you with recycled bits and pieces. 

It would interest you to know that Machilla Magic is a well-known tourist destination, and people from all walks of life flock here during their vacation periods to buy locally made artworks. The beautiful part is that there are so many things to buy at quite affordable prices. Art sales are the major source of income for the locals. 

8. Niassa

It would be improper to write an article about the most beautiful places in Mozambique and not include one of the numerous reserves. Niassa is said to be the biggest reserve in Mozambique. Here, you stand a chance to see the Big Five. Lions, Tigers, and the rest of them. 

Regularly, safari tours are held to introduce visitors to the beauty of the vast wilderness. What’s more, you can go on boat safaris here. Trust me, you would not get eaten. The tour guides and security here are quite good at their job. 

9. Bazaruto National Park

If you have never been to or experienced a water park, then this is just the place for you. This is one place where you can do all the water activities on your bucket list—swimming, diving, and even snorkeling. The list is endless. 

10. Tunduru Botanical Gardens

Being someone who loves nature so much, this is my favorite place in the world. During my last visit, it took so much effort to leave. In these botanical gardens, which do not exactly count as a city since they are also in Maputo, there is an overwhelming aura of peace and serenity. 

It dates back to the 19th century but has been preserved excellently. Here, there are so many plant species to discover. 


Mozambique is such a beautiful country littered with beautiful cities. 

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