Top 10 Countries that Make the Best Movies in Africa

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May 20, 2023

If you are a lover of African film and theatre, then you just have to know about these 10 countries and their movie industries. They make the best movies in Africa. Our ratings are based on: characterization, camera clarity, diverse cinematic talents, dialogues, captivating storytelling, and of course, camera angles. 

1. Nigeria

Top on the list is, of course, the Nigerian movie industry. They are called Nollywood and produce the most films in Africa. Nollywood produces up to 50 films every week and makes an annual revenue of more than $500 million in revenue every year. 

Nollywood movies try to capture the true African experience and do a great job at it. 

They make movies that span a wide array of genres, including crime, fantasy, comedy, magic realism, etc. 

Nigerians are truly funny. They do a near-perfect job at making comedic movies. These comedic movies draw you in and, of course, make you experience Africa without ever being there. 

There is a rise of independent actors and actresses in Nigeria. These, unattached to any industry, make their own movies independently and publish them on their social media channels, most times YouTube. 

These ‘skit’ or ‘short movie’ makers do such a great job at pushing film and theatre in Nigeria too. 

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2. Ghana

Since film and theatre are given such recognition in most of West Africa, it is no surprise that Ghana makes it to this list. The movie industry in Ghana is called Ghollywood. And though it may not have as many ground-breaking stats as Nigeria’s Nollywood, Ghana’s Ghollywood makes very amazing movies. 

By far, some of the best in Africa.

Their approach to movies and film is similar to that of Nigeria. They make a lot of movies about crime, comedic family relationships, etc. 

Their movie industry is often looked at by Nigerians as the ‘lovey-dovey’ industry. This is due to the fact that they put out a lot of romance movies. 

If you are seeking to watch intense romance, which features a lot of suspense and betrayal, I will gladly recommend that you see Gollywood films. 

3. South Africa

The South African movie industry has been prominent for as long as South Africa itself. They make some of the best movies, many of which are so close to him you wouldn’t be able to help but participate in that rich South African history. 

They are so great at the film because South Africa pays so much attention to the arts. They teach it in schools! I doubt you will find any South African out there who do not know much about their history and arts. 

Movies in South Africa are often based on crime and thrill. Some of the best crime movies I have watched from Africa were shot in South Africa. 

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4. Kenya

Kenya has a movie industry that should not be overlooked. It is my prediction that in around two to three years, we will be watching the best African movies from Kenya. 

What truly stands out in the Kenyan movie industry is the soul of the actors. They act with such intensity that you can definitely feel yourself becoming a part of those movies. 

Subsequently, when I am writing out movies from Africa you just have to see, I will be sure to include a couple of Kenyan movies so you see exactly what I am talking about.

5. Rwanda

When one talks about Rwandan movies, the first thing that goes through the minds of most people is the infamous movie Hotel Rwanda. While this is not entirely produced by Rwandans, the people of Rwanda make movies just as touching. 

I would say that in terms of history, Rwanda makes one of the best movies in Africa. 

Their movies often explore history in a strange, enticing, and very deep way. Once or twice, I have had to check out the names of movie writers soon after seeing Rwandan movies. 

Some of their movies, like ones from Ghana and Nigeria, have earned Netflix partnerships, so you will definitely find some Rwandan movies on Netflix. 

6. Egypt

It may be difficult to find movies made in Egypt that are made in the English Language. But if subtitles are not much of an issue for you, I can bet you will truly love Egyptian movies. They often explore a number of genres, having themes that border around religion, love, betrayal, etc. 

The thing I love the most about movies produced in Egypt is the camera angles. 

They have some of the best videographers ever!

The backing tracks are often very amazing as well. Someone has said that movies from Egypt have a striking similarity with movies from India. While I don’t see this, it is a possibility. 

The music sort of sounds the same. 

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7. Uganda

Ugandans are lovers of arts, culture, and music. It should be no surprise that they are on this list. 

Their movies, often fast-paced, seem to have such depth of character. I have often been tempted to write personal reviews of some. When I am able to shrug off procrastination, I will surely go on to review a crime movie from Uganda. 

I believe I and many others are so in love with the Ugandan movie industry because of how ‘strange’ the movies seem to end. Not your typical plot twist. This is one thing that really sets these movies apart from Nigerian movies. 

8. Namibia

Namibia is a very fast movie industry. One thing I know for sure, from seeing their movies, is that they have very amazing scriptwriters. 

They seem to have great ‘all round’ writers, in fact. Namibian authors have written some of the best African books. 

There seems to be a very distinct resemblance between Namibian movies and Rwandan movies. 

Probably the accents. The accents seem strikingly similar. 

You should definitely see a couple of movies from Rwanda. 

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Africa is now home to very fast-rising movie industries. These countries are African countries renowned for their exceptional movie production, showcasing diverse cinematic talents and storytelling. It is never a bad idea to see a Nigerian movie.  

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