9 Best Places to Visit in Egypt

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Feb 17, 2023

Egypt is fondly described as the land of the Pharaohs. Egpyt is one of the world’s oldest civilizations, still richly referenced in modern literature for her history. More than just a relic of its glorious past, today, Egypt is a bustling and modern country that has some of Africa’s best places to visit.

Endowed by its archaeological treasures and elegant for her beautiful landscapes, it has a lot of exciting destinations, from the Greek named the City of Alexandria in the North through the Capital Cairo to the Nubian City of Aswan in the South (known for the Largest Dam in Africa). 

Egypt is indeed a land of unending surprises and filled with so many pleasant places to visit. Egpyt has a lot of interesting sites and choice destinations for would-be travelers and offers an experience that would leave travelers reeling for more. 

Plan your visit to Egypt with our list of the best places to visit in North Africa Country.

1. The Port City of Alexandria

The City of Alexandria, also called the Metropolis of the then Ancient World, was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. Even the charismatic Cleopatra of Egypt used the port city as a political base. It also served as the seat of power for several Egyptian Pharaohs. 

Situated at the edge of the Mediterranean sea is the chief Port City of the nation of Egpyt. Also here, tourists who have had their fill of the sand adventure of the deserts come to have a shrill and therapeutic dip in the Mediterranean Sea. 

The city has lots of Greco-Roman influence, as evidenced by the Roman-styled theatre ruins still found in the city. The city once housed the world’s largest library, which according to historians, had about 500,000 books and literature. 

You’ll find the lighthouse, one of Egypt’s seven wonders of the ancient world. The place boasts a museum and other historical Coptic and Arab artifacts, making it one of the best places to visit in Egypt. 

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2. The Valley of Kings

Following the period since it became one of the several World heritage sites in Egypt, the Valley of the Kings has become one of the best places to visit in Egypt. It served as a burial chamber for the Pharaohs and members of the total household for a period of over 500 years.

The Valley of the kings also contained the tombs of Tutankhamun, the boy king, Ramses II, and Sti I. The tomb is also believed to have a curse attached to it. 

Located just by the West Bank of the Elegant River Nile. The tombs are well stocked with provisions and items (such as Jeweleries, furniture, and stock of other food items) for the afterlife, as most ancient Egyptians believed in the superstition of the afterlife. 

It is one of the best places to visit in Egypt as more tombs are being discovered within the precincts.

3. The Rock Temples of Abu Simbel

The rock temples are Jocularly described as “the lost but rediscovered temples of Nubia.” They are located in the Aswan Governorate in the Upper Nile Region of Egypt. 

These rock temples of Abu Simbel were built during the reign of Ramese the II as part of efforts to promote Nubian worship of Egyptian gods (such as Amun and Ptah) and culture amongst the Nubian people in the period of his reign around 1265 BC. 

It is also one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Egypt, and a visit to the Rock Temples of Abu Simbel in Egypt can feel like an overdose of history.

The Rock temples were relocated in 1968 from their original location. The building process started in 1959 following plans to build the Aswan Dam and owing to concern about it being submerged in the reservoirs of Lake Nasser.

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4. Ras Muhammed National Park

Located at the fringes of the Southern Sinai Peninsula in an area of over 480 Kilometre Square. The Ras Muhammed National Park is one of the best places to visit in Egypt due to its uniqueness and ambiance and the exclusivity of its location from the bustles of other Egyptian cities such as Cairo and Luxor. 

It is one of the over thirty national parks in Egypt. It was built to protect the coral reefs of the Red Sea region and serve as a marine reserve for the protection of Marine and coastal wildlife. 

5. Saqqara Necropolis

Saqqara Necropolis is one of the best places to visit in Egypt. It is dubbed the Mecca of Egyptian archaeology and home to one of the country’s largest and oldest archaeological sites. Saqqara is also currently being excavated, and findings and discoveries are made daily from the activities of researchers and archaeologists on the numerous sites in the Necropolis. 

The Saqqara Necropolis houses the remains of the oldest pyramid called the pyramid of Djoser, which is said to be one of the first recognized architectural edifices in history. The pyramids have steps, unlike other subsequent pyramids that have steep sides. 

It is an exciting place to visit as it affords tourists and visitors an opportunity to catch a glimpse into the past of how the elites and nobles were interred before the common era. 

6. Luxor

From the name itself, the city of Luxor connotes royalty, splendor, and regality. It is a delightful place to visit in Egypt and a place you are likely to enjoy.

For over 1500 years, it served as the seat of the ancient Egyptian kingdom’s political, religious, and social capital. It has a lot of monuments and artifacts in the open air. Luxor has been called within certain archeological quarters at the greatest open-air museum in the world. 

Luxor is also known as the city of palaces, temples, and gates in Arabic parlance, owing to the numerous Castle-like structures in the city. You can also find the Karnak temple complex, the Queen’s temple complex, and the Colossi of Memnon.

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7. Ramesseum

One of the best places to visit in Egypt is the Ramesseum, intended to be the greatest of all monuments ever built. But currently lying in ruin is the temple dedicated to RAMESSES II as an enduring legacy of his power and influence over the land of Egypt. 

It is also located within the Luxor Governorate, west of the Nile River. It has been plundered and stripped over time by tomb raiders and temple thieves and is even said to be defalcated by past Kings at different times in history for her treasures and Stones.

8. Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx

The pyramids of Giza represent the symbol of Egyptian tourism and are one of the best places to visit in the country. 

The Pyramids are made up of three major pyramids, which served as the final resting place for the following Pharaohs; Khufu, Khafre, and Menakaure. The Great Sphinx is a mythical creature found in the Giza Plateau. It has the head of a lion and the body of a man.

A visit to the land of the pharaohs won’t be complete without a trip to the last remaining wonder of the ancient world. 

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9. Cairo

Cairo is a City of many wonders. Prided as the largest city in the Arab world and disputed as one of the three largest cities in Africa, following Lagos and Kinshasha. 

A city that boasts the site of the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the Mummification Valley is no doubt one of the best places to visit in Egypt. 

Sites by the Great Nile and sprawling with her bustling population, the city is also the headquarters of the Confederation of African Football and the Arab League. 

A visit to Cairo won’t be over until you enjoy a boat ride through the bank of the majestic Nile river. 

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