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Feb 24, 2023

Morocco is a country with a rich historical background emblazoned with history and diverse culture. Morocco sits comfortably south of the Straits of Gibraltar and 14 miles away from the fringes of Europe. 

It has an estimated population of almost 40 million people based on statistics from the country’s data bureau, thereby making it one of the most populous Arab nations in the world. 

So many interesting facts about the Atlas country will leave you in awe and yearning for more with fascination. 

1. Morocco is the Location of the Oldest Human Sculpture

Do you know that the Venus of Tan-Tan was discovered in 1999 in the area around the Draa River, and the sculpture is said to be about 500,000 years old? The sculpture has become the subject of study by archaeologists and prehistoric researchers over the years. 

2. Morocco’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Do you also know that the country has nine UNESCO World Heritage sites? The list of the heritage sites is as follows; the Archaeological site of Volubilis, Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddous, Medina of Essaouira, Medina of Fez, Medina of Marrakesh, Medina of Tetouan, Portuguese City of Mazagan and the Royal City of Rabat.

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3. Morocco’s Rich Football Culture

Football is the most popular and widely followed sport in the country. The sport’s popularity has given it a cult following across the nation. The Male national football team is nick-named the Atlas Lions Morocco. 

Recent successes in African and World football competitions, especially during the 2022 Men’s FIFA world cup, where they made it to the semi-finals, confirmed the status of football as the most populous sport in the country. 

4. Has More Cellphone than her Estimated Population 

Another top fact is that there are more cell phones than people in the country. 

This points to the fact that the average Moroccan is tech-savvy and conversant with basic technological devices. It is estimated that there are over 52 million mobile connections compared to the almost 40 million people in the country, which translates to an average of 1.4 phones per person, according to a report released by

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5. Morocco’s Symbol of Love is the liver

Do you also know that, unlike other parts of the world where the heart is widely recognized as the symbol of love, the liver is the symbol of Love in Morocco? 

This is traditionally and culturally accepted in the country, as a healthy liver is believed to promote overall human well-being, which fosters love. 

This belief stemmed from the Berber culture and has become widely accepted across other ethnic groups in the country. 

6. Morocco is home to Al-Qarawyyin University

Founded in 859, the university is the oldest in continuous existence. 

It was established as a center of learning across the then-existing world. It was here that several Islamic and Arab scholars had their education. The teachings were originally focused on Arabic, Islamic laws, and other medieval subjects.

The university has undergone a transformation in recent times but has maintained the symbol for which it is known. The transformation includes the introduction of courses in English, information communication and technology, and other liberal arts. 

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7. The First Country to Recognize the statehood of the United States of America

Do you also know that after the declaration of American Independence in 1776, the Moroccan-American treaty of friendship was signed in 1786?

In 1777, the list of countries permitted to use Moroccan Ports and the strait of Gibraltar was drawn, and the USA was part of them. 

The treaty was negotiated by Thomas Barclay and signed by Sultan Muhammed and American Diplomats Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in Morocco. The Confederate Congress ratified the treaty in 1787. 

8. Home to the Second Tallest Religious Building in the world

Until 2019, King Hassan’s Mosque used to have the tallest minaret in the world until the Djamal Djazir overtook it in Algeria. 

King Hassan’s Mosque minaret stands at 210 meters, while Algeria’s is at over 260 meters. 

9. Morocco was founded by the Grandson of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) 

What is now known as the Kingdom of Morocco was founded by Idris I, a great-grandson of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). 

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10. Morocco’s Valley of Roses

Do you know that there is a valley specially dedicated to the cultivation of roses in the Kelaat M’ Gound region? Once a year, especially from April to late May, flowers bloom, and the whole landscape is filled with pink color. 

11. Africa’s Highest Ski Resorts

Do you know that the highest ski resort in Africa is in Morocco? Located within the Atlas Mountains range and over 70km away from the Royal City of Marrakesh lies Africa’s highest ski resorts. 

The highest altitude of the resort is 3,268 meters, and it is particularly icy during the winter. The ski resorts usually open in the month of April to skiing enthusiasts. 

12. Morocco’s Jemaa El-Fna is Africa’s Busiest City Square

Jemaa El-Fna is Africa’s busiest city square. Located in Marrakesh, it has served as the city’s commercial and entertainment hub for many decades. 

The square is a meeting point for the local populace and a convenient point for tourists on a visit to the city. 

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13. Morocco’s Berber Whiskey

This is the most popular drink in the country, competing closely with tea.

Even though Alcohol is prohibited in the country, this drink has become a symbol of Moroccan culture as it contains no alcohol. 

14. Morocco’s Film Industry

Did some of Hollywood’s best-selling movies were produced in Morocco? Movies such as Othello, Queen of the Desert, Lawrence of Arabia, Alexander, The Mummy, Babel, American Sniper, The Jewel of the Nike, Cleopatra, and a host of others. 

15. Morocco’s Atlas Lion

Do you know that the country is nick-named the Atlas Lion after a specie of now-extinct lions once native to North Africa?

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