Top 10 Countries With The Most Handsome Men In Africa

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May 17, 2023

In this article, we take a trip across countries in Africa, searching for the most handsome men in Africa. Our rating is not based on looks alone, even though looks get most of the points. We are rating based on lifestyle, vibe, and intelligence. Here are the top 10 countries with the most handsome men in Africa. 

1. Nigeria

Nigerian men are the bomb. Literal bomb. They pass literally every check there is. When it comes to looks, they have really got the juice. There are a variety of handsome men in Nigeria. 

If you are seeking light-skinned men, you find a lot of those in the South-East. 

If you are seeking dark and very tall men, then you would have to move to the North. 

The men in the South-West, who are Yoruba, are the lover boys of the country. They are also heartbreakers. They have been nicknamed “Yoruba demons” because they sure know the game. 

A handsome Nigerian man who has taken an interest in you is going to treat you to some of the most amazing experiences you have had. You will love them more if you are a lover of the nightlife. 

If you need men in Nigeria who can spend on you, then you have to go for the Igbos, who are widely nicknamed: “Odogwu.” 

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2. Ghana

Like their West African counterparts, Ghanaian men are also one of the most handsome men in Africa. 

You get to see the truth of this right from the airport when you get off your plane. 

All around you, they stand with their skins glistening in the sun.

I have often wondered why their skins are so toned. It turns out it is ‘normal.’

Ghanaian guys are lovers of nightlife as well. Greatly talented in the arts too. 

Unlike the men in Nigeria, though, the men in Ghana may not be so interested in giving you that much ‘thrill.’ 

3. Kenya

We move a little to the East, stopping by Kenya, a very beautiful country. We make a stop at Nairobi, the capital, where you will find some of the most handsome men in all of Africa.

Men from Kenya are strikingly tall. Most of the ones I have met are built like athletes: I guess it is because Kenya places some importance on sports.

I believe what is going to thrill you so much about these guys is their tenderness. Unlike guys from Nigeria, who are usually at the extremes of affection, guys from Kenya are used to love and know how to love. 

They have very beautiful accents and are lovers of arts and music. 

Typically, Kenya makes the kind of music that is danceable. So if you ever stop by at the club with a Kenyan guy by your side, do have a good dance. 

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4. South Africa

Down in South Africa, there is the privilege of having to choose which race you want to have around.

Though just as handsome, the white guys here are a lot friendlier than their black counterparts. They are the kind to take you on nice dates and be sure that you have a good time. 

The black guys are a bit more traditional and love a little “traditionally.” Be sure of one thing, though: you are going to be thrilled with a lot of partying. 

Have you ever attended an Amampiano party? You will attend one if a black guy from South Africa shows interest in you. 

5. Egypt

If you watch a lot of African football, you should be able to tell one thing; Egyptian guys are some of the tallest people in Africa. The one African people who may boast about being way taller than the Egyptians are the Sudanese. 

Egyptian guys are also very handsome and caring. Most of them turn out to be very devout Muslims who believe in the family structure and are open to settling down with anyone who shares their beliefs.

6. Algeria

Like their fellow North African counterparts, the Algerians are very handsome men. 

They are also very tall and seem to have a muscular build. Some of my friends have described them as fragile, and to be fair, I think they are. At least emotionally. 

They seem to be so in tune with their feelings they may come off as fragile. 

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7. Namibia

I think guys from Namibia are the most handsome in Africa. This may be a personal bias because I have spent quite some time in Namibia. But here is why: they have an almost perfect facial symmetry. On the scale of good looks, facial symmetry is what really matters, and then height. 

Guys from Namibia have both. 

They are pretty tall and have a very muscular build. 

They are also very interested in “enjoying” their lives. This means a lot of partying and music. 

8. Ethiopia

Down at Addis-Ababa, in Ethiopia, we find some of the most handsome men in Africa. 

They look a lot like men from Ghana. This is a look common with men from West Africa. 

And they share similar behavioral traits. Typically, a man from Ethiopia will be interested in women who are quite ‘traditional.’ 

They want to be the ones who take care of their women. They will treat you to nice dinner dates. They sure know how to have fun and may love the nightlife. 

Yes, they are lovers of tourism as well. 

9. Rwanda

I can bet you will really love men from Rwanda. 

They are very tall and, most times, are lovers of art and culture. I believe some of the most soft-spoken men you will meet are men from Rwanda. 

They are also very tender and loving. Their actions promote inclusivity, partnership, and mutual respect, contributing to a harmonious society where women are valued and appreciated.

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10. Tanzania

A trip to Tanzania is one every tourist should take. The men there take a lot of time to make themselves look good. They keep up with the most recent fashion trends.

If you need a man, you can readily show off, then go for one from Tanzania. 


Africa has a lot of good-looking men! The continent is rich in handsome men who possess diverse and captivating qualities. From their unique physical features to their charming personalities, the countries highlighted in this article showcase the abundance of male beauty in Africa. 

Whether it’s the juice of the Nigerian men, the confidence of South Africa, or the talented men of Ghana, these men exemplify the continent’s allure and leave a lasting impression. 

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