10 Cities With The Most Beautiful Women in Uganda

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Feb 6, 2023

The Eastern African country, Uganda, is home to some of the most beautiful women in Africa. But where do you find the most beautiful of the beautiful? This article takes you to these places. Follow Lonely Africa into the 10 cities with the most beautiful women in Uganda.

1. Najjanankumbi

This is our first stop. Take a deep breath and catch the feel of the city, its beautiful landscape, the scent of its bustling, then have a look at its women in their beauty. In this city, we see the tall and dark and bold; women whose hips sway this way and that way with every step. 

This city has a reputation for being home to the most beautiful women in Uganda. I believe this has to do, at least a little, with how much respect are accorded women here. 

Every woman in Najjanankumbi is considered a source of life and is treated as such. This makes these women more drawn to their true feminine selves. 

Meet one on the street and say Hi in the common Swahili. Spread your teeth in a welcoming smile and watch her become drawn to you. 

Take her out to see the nearby beach and spend time building something beautiful. 

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2. Kibuye

Kibuye is quite close to Najjanankumbi, and so the women here look almost the same as those in Najjanankumbi. There is almost no difference between both, only that the women in Kibuye have been said to be thicker, with more prominent cheekbones that make them look bold. 

Kibuye is a growing city, and so migration is on the rise. Beautiful women just keep trooping in by the day. 

Kibuye women are lovers of art and culture. Their fashion sense is pretty modern as well. I describe it as the perfect fusion of African fashion and Western fashion. 

3. Nansana

Nansana is the most populous city in Uganda after the capital city, Kampala. This is because of the spread of urbanization. I agree it is the second most urban city in the country. And as you should know, urbanization brings women to a focus. 

Nansana will show you the most beautiful yet civilized women in Uganda. They seem to be very drawn to art and culture and keep up with the latest fashion trends. 

To get a woman in Nansana, all you need do is hone your conversation skills so well, such that she does not grow bored of talking to you. 

If she finds you interesting, she will usually be the one who tries to take things forward. 

4. Njeru

Njeru welcomes you with an amazing landscape and the scent of busy streets. Here, you find women whose beauty makes you turn to look the other way when they walk past. For some reason, these women are a unique shade of black, the kind that glistens in the sun. 

They have bold faces, too, and have high jaws that make their rich smiles come out the more. 

Njeru women are also quite welcoming, especially if you approach them right. They will seldom just shove you aside. 

I’ll give you a tip no one will: if you are looking to get a woman in Njeru, invite her to a car date. Get an Uber, and have a date in there. Works like magic! 

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5. Mbale

Even though a lot of people will disagree, I classify Mbale as a suburban area. It is the perfect blend of urban and rural. 

Still, it is a preferred location to find the most beautiful women in Uganda. 

Mbale women are strong and have a rich history. The culture here places emphasis on the protection of and care for women. This makes these women very open to becoming better versions of themselves. 

It is, however, a bit conservative, so the women may not be so open to meeting men who are not from Uganda. If you have traveled a lot, though, you would know this isn’t much of an issue, as there always seems to be some eagerness amongst locals to meet someone who isn’t from their city or town. 

6. Jinja

When I think of the city, Jinja, I think of the root condiment. Ginger. I think of hotness. And I am right! Jinja women, like ginger, are hot. Just hot. No words added. None subtracted. 

Jinja women are among the most gorgeous women in Uganda, a town whose reputation routinely sees it on the top beautiful women lists.

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7. Kitgum

Kitgum is a relatively small city and a preferred place to go to when you are trying to take a break from all the bustling within the bigger cities in Uganda. 

Kitgum is not so beautiful, but its women sure are. They are the kind of women to make you spread a smile by just looking at them. 

Even though a bit conservative, just a little bit, you will have fun talking to these women. Engage them on the subject of African history. They sure know a lot. 

8. Entebbe

Entebbe is a famous city in Uganda and draws a lot of tourists every year. In itself, it is a beautiful city. But the women here are another flavor of beauty to everything. 

Entebbe women are some of the thickest women I have met in my life. They sure are thick. The kind of thick to make you swoon. 

Some of them are very tall too, and their fashion sense is out of this world. They know how to dress. I give them that! They sure do know how to dress. 

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9. Mityana

This is one of my favorite cities in Uganda. I love Mityana, the scent of the air, the people here, and mostly, the women. 

Mityana women are the kind of beautiful you just have to see for yourself. It is hard to describe them! This city’s beautiful women speak volumes.

10. Lira

A trip to Lira, Uganda, is one you need. That is it. You need to be here and see these for yourself, these women. 

How bold they are. How beautiful. How their hips sway and how their teeth flash in beautiful smiles. You need to talk to a couple of them and have them make your head turn. 

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Ugandan women are every shade of beautiful there is. While we’ve managed to keep this collection of cities with the most beautiful women in Uganda to a concise 10, Uganda is a never-ending source of fascination and excitement. 

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