15 Best Places to Visit in Algeria

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Feb 19, 2023

Algeria has something unique to offer every visitor. With so many places to visit, discover and enjoy in Algeria, there’s a great incentive to go on a holiday adventure. Algeria is amongst the most magnificent countries in North Africa and is known for its beautiful cities and towns. Want to travel to Algeria? Let us be your first guide. Here are 15 places to visit in Algeria.

1. Algiers

Algiers is the capital city of Algeria and the largest city in the country. It is one of the places you visit last when you have seen all that is needed to see and now seek a place to chill and enjoy yourself. 

In Algiers, you can see the Ancient Cabash, a city built like a labyrinth, as well as Dar Hassan Pacha, a palace built over 231 years ago.

2. Tamanrasset (Tam)

Tam is another Algerian city that will, of course, stun you with its beauty. It is down south, quite close to Niger. It is what I describe to be a very modern town. 

Even though these days it has often been labeled unsafe, Tam remains one of my favorite Algerian places. 

At Tam, you can always visit the National Park and, at the end of it all, have some rest at one of the many luxurious hotels here.

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3. Oran

Oran is quite similar to Algiers. It is the second-largest city in Algeria and a hallmark of urbanization.

You should see the port at Oran, for sure, and/or take trips to the beach there, where you will Scuba dive. 

If you aren’t up for any of these, then by all means, you should chill in one of the nice restaurants at Oran or maybe take a walk down the paved roads and eat roadside Algerian food.

I’ll tell you one secret for free: roadside Algerian food tastes amazing!

4. Constantine

This is quite a stunning city on all fronts. I like most the calmness of the city and the warmness of its people. 

My friend describes Constantine as the urban capital of Algeria, and I agree with him. The city is just that.

5. Ghardaia

This is one beautiful city located along the edge of the Sahara Desert. What’s more? If you are looking out to get a lovely tan, this place is your best bet. 

Camels are not hard to find here as they are used as a means of transportation. 

Despite the hot sun and the desert heat, it gets relatively cool at night. You can look at the sky at night and catch a feel of nature.

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6. Setif

Setif, a small town, was founded by the Romans centuries ago. If you love to see what Roman ruins look like, then by all means, you should check out Setif. 

There are a number of activities to do here, including visiting the museum, looking at the star-lined sky at night, and catching the breath of nature’s beauty. 

7. El Oued

This city was once called the city of a thousand domes. You will find a number of ruins here as well. Long ago, the domes at El Oued stretched long miles, and its people lived like kings. They still do, as you will get to see. 

Algerian people are friendly yet bold and very classy. 

8. Djanet

Djanet is the perfect metropolitan city and is quite peculiar for its white buildings that all have blue roofs. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a city with white walls, and blue roofs, one surrounded by nature. 

Trust me; it is the kind of city you want to be in. Djanet welcomes everyone with open arms, including tourists. In fact, every year, hundreds of people visit Djanet just to catch a breath of the city.

The city comes alive mostly during the weekend.  

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9. Batna

Batna is just a few miles away from Constantine. In fact, Bata is separated from Constantine by salt lakes. It is one of the places you just have to see in Algeria. 

What I love the most about Batna is its beautiful buildings and the food served here. Most people who have visited here will agree that Batna foods taste very amazing. 

10. In Salah

This is no doubt another very beautiful city you just have to check out. It is what I will describe as wondrous. You just have to see the salt lakes and the nice buildings. 

Have a feel of the nighttime. 

I will tell you what: nighttime in In Salah is just amazing. Also, have a taste of their food. Boiled ram and some spices will have your tongue wanting more. 

You might have difficulty coping with the heat, though. At least when you first arrive. But you will blend in just fine after a few hours or a day.

11. Annaba

Annaba is somewhat of a hidden city. It is not so popular. And this makes it even better to spend the weekend with your family. 

You enjoy Annaba best at night when the cold breeze seeps into every nook and cranny. 

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12. Timgad

Timgad is another city to visit if you are drawn to seeing roman ruins. It is believed to have been built in the 1st century. You will be marveled by its 12m high sandstone. 

The city of Timgad has been added to the UNESCO world heritage sites. With loads of great things to see in Algeria, you’ll have a fantastic time in this beautiful Algerian city.

13. Djemila

This is yet another city where you will find Roman ruins. The city was formerly known as Cuicil. 

Of the places you’ll find Roman ruins, Djemila is considered to boast some interesting ruins and is one of the best places to visit in Egypt.

You will not, however, find so much that tells you that Djemila was once a glorious Roman town. But it was. It indeed used to be a Roman town. 

14. Church of Notre Dame

This is a catholic Basilica, a location you just have to see. It is the biggest church in the country and a perfect place to explore the history of Christianity in Algeria. 

I believe a visit to Algeria is not complete if one does not stop by the church of Notre Dame. 

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15. Tlemcen

Yet another town to find Roman ruins, Themcen welcomes you with a breath of fresh air. You will most definitely love nighttime here. 

Tlemcen may be one of the most historic cities in the country, but it still remains one of the best places to visit in Algeria.

A visit to Algeria is not complete if you have not touched down at these 15 listed places. 

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